This music title’s been out for several months on PS4 and XB1, but the Switch port has a ways to go still. September 8th will be the day AVICII Invector launches on the hybrid console. In the meantime, as promised in last week’s playlist, PN has a small hand-on preview of the first four tracks.

On-screen prompts coincide with the rhythm.

Tracks within an area – in this case, Valley – can be played in any order for a nicely non-linear experience. “Can’t Catch Me” was a song I was unfamiliar with, but the deep lyrics and slower pace make for a gentle introduction to the arcade action. Hitting the button prompts is familiar for those who’ve played rhythm gams. But the ramps can throw you off for a spell if you don’t hit them and need to adjust your ship.

Ramps = Trev often messing up.

“Pure Grinding” might be recognized by multi-console gamers familiar with Need for Speed. I have a hard time catching all the lyrics. But it hasn’t stopped me from claiming #1 on the online leaderboards, albeit on the Easy difficulty.

“What Would I Change it to” is another track that where I’m enjoying temporary #1 status on the pre-release leaderboards. The featured female vocalist is a welcome change, the lyrics are optimistic, and the jumps for your ship during the chorus are cool.

Lastly, we have “The Nights – Avicii Remix. Another song heard from an older EA game (Fifa 15) this song was also popular on the dance charts. It has a cool beat, and I respect how the mixed lyrics aim to impart a message beyond something shallow.

Ship off the track? I’ll explain more in our review.

Even if you aren’t a fan of these particular songs, there’s over 30 more in the game – it packs a lot of content. Of course, it ultimately boils down to how the game plays. But you can read more about that when PN publishes our review in-depth of this promising release.