It’s that time of week as we ready ourselves for the newest content to hit the Nintendo Switch eShop. This week’s major releases include the fairytale-like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and the craziness of Sword Art Online.

There’s plenty more to choose from, including discounts and deals, so get to it and check out the full list below for details. Which games will you be playing this weekend?

Nintendo Switch eShop

  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – Play the award-winning adventure with a new two-player mode for the Nintendo Switch system. Guide two brothers on an epic fairytale journey from Swedish film director Josef Fares. Control both brothers at once as you experience co-op play in single-player – or team up with a friend in the new two-player mode. The Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons game is available May 28.
  • SWORD ART ONLINE: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition – The SWORD ART ONLINE series finally arrives on Nintendo Switch. The year is 2026. A new VRMMORPG called “Sword Art: Origin” is suddenly unveiled to the world. During a closed beta test, Kirito meets a mysterious girl, an NPC without so much as a name, who is offering a strange quest. Will the meeting between this NPC girl and the Black Swordsman prove to be the world’s salvation, or its undoing? Watch as a new death game begins to play out. The SWORD ART ONLINE: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition game features the main game, as well as the additional content “Abyss of the Shrine Maiden” and the large-scale update “Warriors of the Sky!” The game is available May 24.

Nintendo eShop sales

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