Where would we be without you, Josef?

While many Nintendo gamers are focused on rumors and speculation right now, I’d rather focus on what’s real*. You know, like unicorns. Or Unicorn Overlord, at least. And that’s why I’m making sure you’ve seen the latest “training” trailer from ATLUS and Vanillaware.

Following up on Josef’s Guide to Interaction, this latest trailer highlights the numerous ways in which players will be able to build up their armies to help Prince Alain reclaim Fevrith from General Valmore. Learn how to assemble troops with a variety of versatile character classes, boost character stats through promotions, and utilize training items that grant experience to characters outside of combat.

I really like what ATLUS and Vanillaware are doing here. In addition to showing off just how great Unicorn Overlord looks, these Commander’s Guidance videos are doing a great job of preparing us for the game’s complexities. They’re a lot like the system tutorials we received ahead of the Xenoblade Chronicles X release nearly a decade ago, which allowed us to hit Mira running.

Unicorn Overlord is available now for physical and digital preorders, both of which are being offered in standard and collector’s editions. Make your choice, then prepare for the game’s release on March 8th. You can bide your time at unicornoverlord.atlus.com until then.

* Also on all those Nintendo rumors and speculation.