As of today, those still interested in the latest installment in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, may download the titles free digital content for the month of October. Since its February release, most of the game’s digital content has been free-of-charge and launches on the first Friday of every month. Though Capcom has supplied individuals with free digital content for roughly eight months, it would appear the digital-well is nearly bone-dry.

According to YouTube, Capcom Associate Online and Community Specialist, Yuri Araujo, mentions at the end of his Monster Hunter community video (2:24) that Capcom will no longer supply Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate with free digital content after the month of November. Araujo states the following, “Check again in November for the ‘last’ pack of awesome quests and equipment.”

Pure Nintendo reached out to Capcom for comment and was given the following statement, “We’ve been releasing free DLC packs full of quests, gear and collaboration content every month since Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate launched in February 2015. November will be our ninth and final month of regularly released content packs.”

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate released on Feb. 13 and is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. As of July, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has sold more than 3.9 million units worldwide. For more information regarding everything that is Monster Hunter, keep it here at Pure Nintendo.