7Levels studio has announced the exclusive release of Castle of Heart for Nintendo Switch, which hits the eShop today.

The action-platformer promises plenty of twists on the classic formula as you prove your value as a cursed knight. You’ll have to keep moving and fighting through hordes of enemies before your stone body disintegrates.

Castle of Heart features 20 levels, set in 4 distinct environments loosely inspired by real-life places. You can make use of over 50 weapons to find your own combat style, with power-ups on hand to gain an advantage over your opponents. These are all designed in 3D with changing landscapes, weather conditions and rich backgrounds.

All kinds of enemies have been summoned by the evil sorcerer to attack you, requiring a different strategy to defeat them all. You’ll also encounter epic boss battles after each location. As if this wasn’t enough, don’t forget about your stone body, which tends to disintegrate whenever you avoid combat. Defeating enemies is a source of energy for you, so you’ll need to moving to keep your body together – losing a limb will mean less weapons to hold!

Do you have the courage, persistence and flair to defeat the evil sorcerer and save your loved one? Castle of Heart is now available in the Americas, Europe and Australia exclusively in the Nintendo
Switch eShop for $14.99.

Check out the trailer below to see the game in action, and let us know if you’re playing Castle of Heart this weekend.