For many of us, Club Nintendo has been a rewards program that tends to release incredible gifts from time to time. As of late, Nintendo has decided to gradually set the program in remission as it attempts to reorganize and relaunch a brand new intuitive for Club Nintendo fans. For those of us who live in the west, Nintendo released the final wave of goodies some time ago, which can be found here.

Just recently, those at Tiny Cartridge have spotted something very interesting that can only make us jealous of the individuals who currently live in Japan (as if we weren’t already). Behold! The final wave of Club Nintendo rewards for Japanese Club Nintendo Members.

JP club nintendo

Although the image above is just a small taste of the price, check out the complete list of rewards found here.

Tell us, are you or were you ever a fan of Club Nintendo? What was the coolest prize you’ve received from the program and what do you expect out of the relaunch intuitive? Let us know in the comment section.