Driver Parallel Lines is on its way to Wii, and Cubed3 has some more details. Here’s the summary of the press release from them:

  • Open New York environments with over 35 missions across two very different time periods – 1978 and 2006.
  • Full Wii controller integration – for targeting, driving, gesture-based actions – with over 30 unique functions with both the Wii remote and nunchuck.
  • Control and customise over 80 vehicles – from your standard cars and trucks, to motorcycles and bonus cars – “be a gangster”.
  • Fulfill dreams and experience impossible scenarios that would be far too dangerous in reality.
  • The Wii version features a lot of enhancements over the Xbox and PS2 original – namely AI upgrades, a graphical overhall (as seen here), improvements in physics and some Wii special effects that have yet to be announced.

Looks like it could be fun. Look for this title in March.

Source: Cubed3