A common sight—SOLD OUT of Nintendo Wii

My friend Leo and I decided that we would go out and look around town for Wiis/DS Lites after our classes (We were mainly looking for a black DS Lite since Leo hadn’t bought one yet ;) , but we figured looking for Wiis is just a bonus trip). We first set out to Target–the Nintendo fan’s paradise–but alas, no DS Lites or Wiis. I was surprised that they didn’t have any DS Lites in stock, but my shock grew less and less as the night progressed. I asked the clerk if they expected any DS Lites in stock and he said they hadn’t received any since Christmas. And with that, we were off to the next option–Walmart.

Another common sight—PS3 IN STOCK

We walked straight to the electronics section and to our dismay, no DS Lites or DS phats for that matter. Disgusted, we went over to Best Buy. No Wiis and no DS Lites. I was getting frustrated at this point. Had ALL the DS Lites sold out? When did that happen? Crazy. NOTE: There were PS3s in stock at each of these stores: Target had 6 systems, Walmart had 2, and Best Buy had 1.

These are just cardboard, but they really had this many systems in back

Anyways, next stop: Circuit City–a last resort for most and still no Wiis or DS Lites. Quite a few PS3s though. Next up: Gamestop and EB Games in the mall……..guess…….NO WIIS OR DS LITES!!! AHHH!!

One more stop: Toys R’ Us. Tons of PS3s, NO Wiis or DS Lites. The lady said she didn’t expect more DS Lites till February!

Well that concludes our adventure tonight. Happy hunting if you haven’t purchased a DS Lite or Wii!