LITTLEST PET SHOP, NERF, MONOPOLY and YAHTZEE among First Franchises to Hit a Variety of Game Systems, Online and Mobile under EA and Hasbro Agreement

American International Toy Fair 2008

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EA Casual Entertainment today announces its first step in transforming the interactive family entertainment landscape with its initial slate of Hasbro games in development on a variety of game consoles, mobile devices and for online play. These games provide new ways for families to build relationships through digital entertainment with some of worlds greatest brands. The first Nintendo Wii and DS titles that will be available this fall are LITTLEST PET SHOP, and NERF N-Strike, both in production at EAs Salt Lake Studio. EA also is developing new MONOPOLY and SCRABBLE ®(in North America) titles for multiple platforms, as well as other titles that will be announced later this year.

Mobile gamers can already experience the fun of SCRABBLE (in North America) and YAHTZEE DELUXE on their phones. Starting this spring, EA Mobile will introduce the next generation of classic Hasbro titles. The first games in this exciting new expansion include MONOPOLY HERE & NOW, TRIVIAL PURSUIT®, RISK, and YAHTZEE ADVENTURES, a re-invention of the classic dice game.

For online web play EAs is developing engaging, authentic online experiences for MONOPOLY and YAHTZEE as fun, multiplayer experiences. Trivia fans can look forward to the much anticipated launch of TRIVIAL PURSUIT this fall. Additionally, is launching two connected downloadable titles, OPERATION and PICTUREKA, which can be played offline or players can connect online on Pogo for bonus features and the social experience of playing the game with others. With more than 13 million visitors a month, the community delivers a unique online experience for family and friends to connect and play these hugely popular Hasbro games together in the virtual world.

EA and Hasbro want to give families new ways to enjoy games; we want give them a new way to come together, connect, spend time and have fun around the TV or online, said Chip Lange, Vice President and General Manager of EAs Hasbro Studio. Bringing the spirit of these games to life as video games has allowed us to create really unique and creative experiences for families and friends of all ages to enjoy together at home or online.

We are thrilled that together we are bringing our great toys and games to life in the digital world and providing consumers with new and dynamic ways to enjoy our amazing brands, said Mark Blecher, Hasbros Senior Vice President of Digital Media and Gaming.

At Hasbros Toy Fair showcase in New York February 17-19th, EA will unveil LITTLEST PET SHOP on the Wii and DS, NERF N-Strike, and EA Mobiles SCRABBLE, YAHTZEE ADVENTURES and MONOPOLY HERE & NOW.


LITTLEST PET SHOP for Wii, DS and PC, scheduled to ship Fall 08

LITTLEST PET SHOP brings the magic of owning your own pet shop to your home. EA brings the quirkiness and cuteness of the popular Hasbro girls brand to life in a new digital world. Players can explore three unique environments as they unlock new pets, playsets, accessories and more. Players will discover magical moments of delight as they build relationships with their pets. This game is the next must-have addition to fans growing Littlest Pet Show collection. Add to the ultimate Littlest Pet Show collection with three different versions of the Nintendo DS game; each with unique pets.

NERF N-Strike for Wii and DS, scheduled to ship Fall 08

Become the master of mayhem in the first NERF blaster action game. In a world created to be the perfect landscape for NERF pandemonium, players can wreak havoc and perfect their blasting skills or challenge friends to clashes with both single and multi-player game modes. With the brand new custom NERF blaster, players can then take the action outside as their controller transforms to fire actual NERF darts!


SCRABBLE® for mobile phones, currently available in North America

This exciting update of the classic board game now includes flexible difficulty levels, built-in word list, dynamic animations, scrolling and full-board views. Easy-to-use controls allow for alone play, a challenge with computer in a phone, or enjoy pass n play with a friend. Easily keep track of game scores and statistics. Fun new features appeal to both wordplay mavens and casual gamers. Test word wits with SCRABBLE!

MONOPOLY HERE AND NOW for mobile phones, scheduled to ship in March 08

Monopoly Here and Now, a modern makeover of the worlds most popular board game. Buy and sell destinations around the U.S. as you compete to own it all and win! Unique player icons, sound effects, vivid graphics and easy-to-use, one-button controls deliver all the excitement of the beloved game.

YAHTZEE ADVENTURES for mobile phones, scheduled to ship in April 08

Play the treasured dice game on your phone. Travel the globe, meet new characters and challenge them to a game, roll the colorful dice and be the first to score a YAHTZEE! Enjoy Classic, Duplicate, Rainbow and Battle modes. Pass n Play with your friends, or try your hand at a Yahtzee single-player adventure. Dynamic, exciting gameplay, easy controls, automatic scorekeeping deliver terrific mobile entertainment for you, your friends and family.


YAHTZEE for online play: scheduled to release Summer 08

Shake, Score and Shout YAHTZEE with family and friends online! There are two ways to win in this fun and addictive game from Compete for the top score on a real-time leader board as you and up to 19 people roll the dice in a series of timed rounds. Show your team spirit as you collaborate with other players to advance your team goal and earn bonuses for scoring YAHTZEE together. Take the YAHTZEE fun online!

MONOPOLY HERE & NOW: WORLD EDITION for online play: scheduled to release Fall 08

Risk it all to own it all online! Jet set across the globe and buy and sell property in the most desirable cities in the world. Play alone or wheel and deal with up to 3 people using one of three sets of rules or make the game more challenging by customizing your own game. The unique player icons, sound effects and graphics deliver all the excitement of the beloved game. Will you be the next the next online billionaire?

TRIVIAL PURSUIT for online play: scheduled to release Fall 08

Get your daily dose of trivia fun online! Challenge your daily trivia knowledge with an easy to access, interactive online trivia game. Answer the trivia questions correctly and earn points towards your wedges in pursuit of completing your pie collection by the end of the week. The player with a full pie wins! Not a trivia expert? Take a stab at it. There’s something in it for everyone!

OPERATION downloadable game for the PC: scheduled to release Fall 08

The medicine is madcap and YOU are the M.D. as the ER goes arcade-crazy in OPERATION. Your role: emergency surgeon. Your challenge: diagnose and treat patients by successfully performing operations, each one a mini-game. Resources are limited and the clock is ticking, so you’ve got to heal ’em up and move ’em out…. Do well, and you earn points and upgrades for your hospital. Do poorly, and you’ll face malpractice lawsuits from angry plaintiffs with glowing noses. Either way, OPERATION will have you — and your patients — in stitches!

EAs Hasbro games in development are part of the newly formed EA Casual Entertainment Label within Electronic Arts Inc (NASDAQ:ERTS). The Casual Entertainment Label is focused on creating and delivering fun and appealing casual entertainment experiences for a mass audience. With simple rules and engaging designs, these games are easy for a new player to learn but difficult to master. EAs casual games portfolio include such titles as recently announced BOOM BLOX, and currently available SmartyPants for the Wii, Tetris® for mobile phones and the online gaming destination