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Here are those MK9 beta codes I promised you: TEERH-ONRUS-TNUBT-NO Hope you enjoy the beta! Just kidding…I ain’t got sh#%. ;)

This may not seem like anything to the normal eye (like mine) but the smart fans at Neogaf have figured something out. If you unscramble the TEERH-ONRUS-TNUBT-NO’ part of the message, you get “there no run button.” Many people believe this refers to the run button added in Mortal Kombat 3. Could there be another Mortal Kombat in the works that goes back to the old school style?

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“@Delriach @noobde have you guys ever thought about doing a developer blog for MK9? Noobde: We have a LOT of cool online stuff coming. A LOT
12:16 AM Apr 24th via web

RT: cyberdog2k9 @noobde how different does the game looks and play from mkvsdc? noobde: Very Very different.
11:50 PM Apr 23rd via web

RT @Slit518 Since going with Warner Brothers are they giving you a lot of funding and freedom? Noobde: WB has been amazing, you will notice!
11:53 PM Apr 24th via web

OK, random dumb question from me. If you had a choice of Animalities OR Babalities. Which would you pick?
11:58 PM Apr 24th via web

RT @MKBat I really liked Create a character, Would you consider bringing that back? Noobde: Consider? Yes. This game? Can’t say. :( 11:24 PM Apr 25th via web

RT @wopchop11 But when are we gonna here some more details on the new mk game Noobde: The game is f***ing FAST !! In a good way.
8:01 PM Apr 28th via web