Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PC and mobile games coming

Eidos Interactive, creators of some of the world’s leading videogame properties, announced Top Trumps: Doctor Who a brand new game for Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PC and Mobile.

The videogame features characters from the hit BBC TV series Doctor Who and will unite two of the UK’s largest brands in an exciting interactive videogame.

Top Trumps: Doctor Who brings the classic card game to life by introducing interactive elements and combining them with character animations from the hugely popular Doctor Who: Infinite Quest animation series, plus there is a whole universe of mini-games to keep everyone entertained.

Featuring over 35 character cards each with their own biographic data, the game boasts both the ‘classic’ Top Trumps rule set, as well as the main ‘Adventure mode’ for a more tactical head-to-head challenge. The traditional Top Trumps game has also been enhanced by the inclusion of character Special Abilities for each of the six playable characters: The Doctor, Martha Jones, Captain Jack, The Dalek, The Cyberman and a Slitheen.

“We wanted to offer something very fresh to fans of both Top Trumps and to Doctor Who,” said Ray Livingston, Brand Manager, Eidos. “This game has so much to offer so you can expect a fast, fun and fantastic experience, which has something for everyone to enjoy.”

BBC Worldwide’s head of interactive, Children’s, Dave Anderson added, “The Top Trumps: Doctor Who product line has been an immense success and we’re delighted with this new addition to the family and the way Eidos has taken the play-pattern to a whole new interactive level.”

Top Trumps: Doctor Who will be released on Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PC and mobile in Spring 2008.

The mobile phone version compliments the console and PC releases and is perfect for the mobile platform. The mobile game can be played solo against a CPU opponent, or against friends via a multi-player link option. Each card is beautifully realised featuring a photo and relevant attributes for each character, with the likes of The Doctor, companions such as Rose Tyler and Martha Jones and the TARDIS pitted against Daleks, Cybermen, The Master and a wealth of monstrous foes seen on screen since the show returned to much acclaim in 2005.