Heads up Poke-maniacs, your free Emboar is now available for digital download. Last week, Pure Nintendo reported that the Pokemon Company will be releasing the first three starting Pokemon from the Unova region video games, Pokemon Black and White, in their final form for those currently own a copy of Pokemon ORAS and choose to download them by using a special code. Serperior was made available last week by entering in the code: Pokemon497 and this week’s free character is the fire-type Pokemon, Emboar, which can be obtained by entering in the code: Pokemon500.

As of right now, Samurott is to be the last free Pokemon set for digital distribution, however, it will only available for individuals who currently subscribe or plan to subscribe to the Pokemon Newsletter by Jan. 31. Be sure to download your free Pokemon and let us know who your favorite Pokemon of all time is in the comment section below.