With news beginning to slow down for the holidays, I thought it was time for another Niwifi contest. When the Wii gift giving capability was launched in the Wii shop channel I was excited to try it out. My only problem was I couldn’t think of anyone here at Niwifi.net worthy enough for my gift, sorry guys. So I decided I will give you, out there, a chance to receive a Christmas gift from Niwifi.net. I have 1000 points sitting in my account, right now. Which means if you win, you can pick any VC game. Before you can win you have to answer 2 questions and a tie breaker question. The two questions are taken from the Discovery Channel’s special “Rise Of Video Games.” I hope you watched them:

1. Why does Mario wear a cap and have a Mustache?

2. Who created the first video game?

3. (Tie Breaker) Why do you think you deserve a Christmas gift from Niwifi.net?


1. All three questions must be answered for your entry to be taken into consideration.

2. Contest ends December 25 at 12 am (Midnight Christmas Eve)

3. All entries must be sent to jahiggin30120@gmail.com: with your answers, Wii number and VC game you would like to have.

4. UPDATE: You must have my friend code to receive the VC Gift: 5608-1964-0938-0601

Good Luck.