1v1 me, newb.

Having been quite impressed with their GTW 270 Hybrid wireless earbuds, EPOS has become a hardware company to keep on our radar. As such, we’re excited to see the announcement of their H3 wired closed acoustic gaming headset. Available in Onyx Black and Ghost White color variants, the H3 aims to deliver “…crisp audio fidelity for immersive gaming experiences and cohesive team communication.”

Communication is the key there, as the H3s are very much targeted towards the multiplayer experience.

The H3 delivers crystal-clear team chat for precise communications that are essential to gaining the winning edge in multiplayer games. A studio-quality microphone transmits clear audio while effortlessly reducing unwanted background noise to instantly fortify essential team plays. The headset’s boom arm clicks upwards for quick lift-to-mute functionality.

But that doesn’t mean they cut any corners with audio. That’s not how things work at a company that carries the Sennheiser legacy.

Building on 115 years of audio engineering expertise, the H3 continues the company’s legacy of uncompromised clarity to deliver booming bass and crisp highs for exceptional realism. Combining proven premium sound quality and entry-level pricing, the H3 opens new worlds for players looking to expand their gaming experience and take it to the next level. Further improved audio technology delivers the cues needed for quick reaction times, expected by only the best sound peripherals in gaming. An intuitive volume control on the right ear cup allows for easy adjustments mid-game with the turn of a wheel.

The H3 is designed for comfort, too. The stainless steel sliders in the headband, hinged ear cups, and durable padding promise lightweight, lasting comfort for longer gaming sessions. The closed-back ear cup design also provides passive noise attenuation to help players stay focused.

Plug-and-play connection to the Nintendo Switch is handled via a detachable 3.5 mm jack port compatible with consoles. A separate cable is included for those games that require some time on your Mac or Windows-based PC.

The EPOS H3 is now available in Onyx Black and Ghost White at a suggested retail price of $119. For more information, visit www.eposaudio.com.