17th July, 2013 – Nintendo are celebrating the launch of Pikmin 3 on 26thJuly by offering families and fans the chance to not only get hands on with the game but also potentially win some Pikmin themed prizes at four special events across the UK.

Starting on Saturday 20th July at the MCM Expo Manchester Comic Con, you will be able to stop by the Nintendo Unleashed booth and get hands on with the game six days before the UK launch.

For those who can’t make it to MCM Expo Manchester Comic Con, there are two other opportunities to experience Pikmin 3 on launch weekend:

  • On Saturday 27th July, why not stop by the South Bank Observation Point in central London, running from 11am to 7pm.
  • On Sunday 28th July, from 11am to 5pm, Pikmin 3 will also pitch-up onBrick Lane, in central London.

Available from 26th July, exclusively on Wii U, Pikmin 3 is the latest game in the series and the first in beautiful HD, where you see the world from the perspective of tiny visitors from outer space and command an army of plant-like creatures called Pikmin to save your home planet. Alph, Brittany and Charlie are from planet Koppai, which is suffering from a dangerous food shortage, and are sent to explore a mysterious new planet where they meet the Pikmin. Each Pikmin type has special skills and Pikmin 3 introduces the brand new Rock Pikmin who can smash brittle walls and enemies, and the Winged Pikmin who can float over obstacles and carry fruit in the air! Control the trio of travellers who can direct the Pikmin to explore the new planet, and collect nutritious fruit, build bridges, move obstacles and defeat enemies.  You can also enjoy multiplayer in Pikmin 3 and you can play co-operatively in Mission mode or against each other in the competitive Bingo Battle mode.

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