I highlighted a section of this press release that talks about Faceez being the most “popular” download for the DSiware. You can check out what I think about that HERE.

PARIS, FRANCE – April 8th, 2010 – Neko Entertainment a leading independent video game developer and publisher is pleased to announce that Faceez its’ creative photo suite for the Nintendo DSi™ will be released on the Nintendo DSi Shop on April 9th. Designed exclusively for Nintendo DSiWare™, Faceez allows you to personalize, mix and decorate your photos with a huge range of accessories and animations that can then be shared online with friends.

“Faceez is a quirky, fun application that allows Nintendo DSi owners the power to manipulate, animate and customize the photos they capture on their DSi”, said Laurent Lichnewsky, Managing Director of Neko Entertainment, “Since the launch of Faceez in North America it has become one of the most popular paid for applications on the DSi Shop. Quite simply no other application out there gives you the ability to bring yourphoto library to life”.

Using the Nintendo DSi camera Faceez enables users to change pictures of their friends by mixing, disguising and animating photos into brand new, fun and crazy creations. With over 150 funny accessories including hats, mustaches, glasses and beards to the latest fashionable haircuts, users can create new disguises for the faces behind photos. Faceez also allows users to mix their facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, hair) with those of their friends to create comical results that will have your friends rolling around the floor with laughter.

With Faceez photos literally come to life and with over 65 different animations that can be animated on different parts of the body including arms, legs, eyes and mouth. Photo profiles can also be posed against the backgrounds of the pictures that are captured. New entertaining creations can then be exported and sent to your friends online or posted on social network sites including Facebook.

Faceez is rated PEGI 7+ in Europe and will be available on the Nintendo DSi Shop from April 9th priced at 200 Nintendo DSi Points. Check out the Faceez Page on Facebook for the latest news, screenshots and videos.

For more information about Neko Entertainment, please visit: www.e-neko.com

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