It’s the weekend! And that means it’s time to find out what’s happening on the Nintendo Switch eShop. This week’s highlights includes Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, taking the strategy and characters of Three Houses and melding it with the action-packed flavour of Warriors gameplay. You can also preview Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes with the Three Hopes demo, available now on the eShop.

A new N64 title joins the ranks this week as the original Pokémon Snap hits the Switch. Get your lense ready and make your shots count as you traverse the island snapping pics of our favorite pocket monsters.

As if that wasn’t enough, Sonic Origins and Capcom Fighting Collection bring classic games back for some nostalgic fun. Origins packs four of Sonic’s original and most iconic outings, while Capcom’s collection squeezes 10 fighting titles into the mix, including Street Fighter and Darkstalkers.

It’s a big week of gaming, so check out the full list of new releases below. Will you be picking up Three Hopes, Sonic Origins, Capcom Fighting Collection, or something else? Let us know which titles you’ll be playing this weekend!

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

  • Pokémon Snap – Travel to Pokémon Island and take the best possible photos of over 60 different Pokémon when the classic Nintendo 64 game Pokémon Snap zooms in on Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online library. On your Pokémon safari you’ll visit many types of climates and environments across the island, along with secret activities and hidden passages to discover. Professor Oak will judge your pictures based on size, pose, technique and number of Pokémon captured – so start practicing if you want to snap the perfect shot! Pokémon Snap will be available starting June 24 for players with a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership.

Nintendo Switch

  • Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes – Take on the role of a mercenary on a quest for answers, and join Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude and other Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters in real-time battles that blend the strategy of the Fire Emblem series with action-packed Warriors-style gameplay. In Three Hopes, you’ll align with one of the three leaders, build an army, forge relationships between characters and experience epic combat as you fight to shape Fódlan’s destiny. The house you choose will bring you through one of three dramatic stories, each with a different outcome – so choose wisely! The Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Houses game will be available on June 24, and a free demo is available right now in Nintendo eShop.
  • Sonic Origins – Relive the classic collected adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic CD in the newly remastered Sonic Origins and Sonic Origins Digital Deluxe Edition! From the iconic Green Hill Zone to the treacherous Death Egg Robot, you’ll speed down memory lane to thwart the sinister plans of Doctor Robotnik in polished high definition. This latest version includes new areas to explore, exclusive animations and a new Anniversary mode!
  • Capcom Fighting Collection – Get ready to experience 10 of Capcom’s most popular arcade games in one epic collection! Capcom Fighting Collection includes a variety of titles from iconic series such as Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Cyberbots and the first home console port of Red Earth! All titles included also support online play. This is the perfect collection for both arcade veterans who remember the titles and those who want to get into them for the first time! Capcom Fighting Collection will be available on June 24.
  • ElecHead – Created by a one-person development team and prototyped as part of a school contest, ElecHead is a clever and challenging 2D puzzle-platformer that will spark your imagination. You play as Elec, a small robot on a mission to bring back light to the world. When Elec touches walls, floors, platforms and switches, he activates them by making electricity run through them. He can also detach and throw his head to trigger things remotely, but be careful: If he doesn’t get his head back within 10 seconds, he’ll shut down. Elec will have to use his head, literally and figuratively, to find a way out of this trap-ridden facility.
  • AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative – Special Agents Mizuki and Ryuki, along with their AI partners Aiba and Tama, are tasked to solve bizarre serial killings while unveiling the mysterious plot known only as the Nirvana Initiative. In the “Investigation” parts of the game, you’ll examine crime scenes and listen to testimonies. In the “Somnium” sections, you’ll enter the dream worlds of suspects and key witnesses. Moving back and forth between the two parts, you can obtain the clues that will help you solve the case. AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative will be available on June 24.


  • Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack – Overwatch 2 is releasing on Oct. 4 as an always-on, free-to-play experience! Team up with friends on all platforms and enjoy the reimagined 5-v-5 gameplay featuring new content rolling out seasonally. Daily challenges and frequent updates mean there’s always something exciting to check out. Get a head start with the Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack – purchase to receive content granted at the release of Overwatch 2 in October, including Premium Battle Pass: Season 1, two Overwatch 2 Legendary Hero Skins and 2000 Overwatch 2 Virtual Currency. Purchasing Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack also lets you immediately receive and play Overwatch: Legendary Edition, including five Legendary Skins and five Epic Skins. Now those are some fireworks!

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