Glasgow, United Kingdom – 4th January 2008 – Firebrand Games developed Nintendo DS hit, Race Driver™: Create & Race™, published by Codemasters, today was awarded Best DS Driving/Racing game of 2007 in the IGN annual awards.

The critically acclaimed racing title beat off stiff competition from Need For Speed ProStreet, Diddy Kong Racing and Juiced 2:Hot Import Nights to be crowned Best Driving/Racing Game of 2007 for hugely successful Nintendo DS handheld gaming platform.

Firebrand CEO, Mark Greenshields, said “We are extremely confident in our racing game engine and we’re sure that the features that we crammed into Race Driver: Create & Race would set the title as one of the best of 2007. We’re very proud to receive this award from IGN and it’s of great credit to our Scottish Team that they developed the IGN rated Best DS Racing Game of 2007.”

The IGN Best of 2007 website stated, “Race Driver: Create and Race brought a console level experience to the handheld market. The game is a fun arcade-style racing game that boasts an impressive amount of features, both online and off. The customizing features add a creative element not seen in other racers and the production value is some of the best we’ve seen. Race Driver shows just how polished a third-party game can be, and other racers may have a hard time competing”.

Launched in September 2007, Race Driver: Create & Race gives players control over 20 of the fastest racing cards on the planet and unleashes them on 30 of the most-exciting official race circuits. What really sets Race Driver: Create & Race aside is the unique and intuitive track designer which gives players a chance to design and share their very own race tracks using the Nintendo DS stylus. The game also was recognised as a runner-up in the IGN 2007 Best Graphics technology and Best Online Multi-Player game categories.

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