1. Rock Band (360, PS3, PS2) Put Dad on the drums, Mom on lead vocals, and Sis on bass guitar. You can be just like the Von Trapp family, without all the running from the Nazis.
  2. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) The two-player mode lets anybody pick up a second Wiimote and be helpful.
  3. Portal (360, PS3, PC) Okay, so the rest of The Orange Box is Mature-rated and not appropriate for kids. But the Teen-rated Portal is a mostly non-violent, funny, puzzling game that everybody can enjoy and be astounded by together.
  4. Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Nintendo DS) A grand adventure for those long, long car trips, assuming they don’t get motion sickness from using the stylus for hours on end.
  5. Elite Beat Agents (Nintendo DS) Sure, it came out last year. But very few people picked up this amazing rhythm game that lets you tap out beats to the rhythm of songs like “Material Girl.” And you need it.

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