Pure Nintendo followers may recall reading about the Arcade Gaming Case from WaterField Designs. We shared news on it back in November, just ahead of its launch. PNM subscribers also saw it listed in last issues Buyers Guide. Now we are going to revisit it in this brief gear review.

Arcade Gaming CaseOne of the challenges that come with gear reviews, is when to publish our impressions. Everything is fresh and new for the first couple of weeks. But potential buyers are concerned with how things hold up. Three months later, I’m able to share my experiences with this case, and just how durable it is.

I’ve actually been able to double up my case, using it to carry not just my Switch, but my 3DS as well. It’s a simple matter of moving the Switch to the inside pocket, which securely zips. The front is meant to hold it, but having to remove the Joy-Cons to make it fit in front is admittedly somewhat annoying. The inside pocket solves this oversight though, and allows me room to fit my 3DS XL in front, which securely shuts with hidden magnets.

Arcade Gaming CaseIt’s not marketed as a dual bag, but maybe it should be. Imagine an infomercial, early 90s style… Narrator – ‘Are you tired of having to choose between Super Mario Odyssey and Metroid: Samus Returns?’ Kid – ‘There’s got to be an easier way!’ Narrator – ‘Introducing the Arcade Gaming Case from WaterField Designs.’

The handle on the case is nice, but I’ve tended to gravitate towards the shoulder strap. It feels more like a messenger bag this way. I’ve even been able to free up my pockets and drop a few small items in it, like ChapStick. My wife calls this case my man purse, but I’ve received serious compliments as well.

Arcade Gaming CaseThis particular case doesn’t have room for the dock, and having to remove the Joy-Cons if you want it in the front pocket does annoy. But the Arcade Gaming Case is a high-quality, rugged product. It’s also an expensive product, albeit one built to protect expensive hardware. If price is low on your list of factors, this could be a very good choice, even more so if you travel frequently. WaterField Designs has a variety of cases for Nintendo fans, at a range of prices, (including the Switch Multiplayer Pro Case) so check them out if you’re in the market.