“sings” The Wiikend, The Wiikennnndddd!! “stops singing” You better be glad you can’t hear me sing….I’m horrible. This past week has been a good one for us. As you can tell, we have new headers that look amazing. New features on our site, like the gallery page which can be found on the menu, and the Wii Codes are finally back up. Thursday night we also found out some really good news, we will let you know about later ; ). I also want to take some time and plug one of my favorite bands new CD, Weezer! You can check out Weezer’s new self-titled album (also called the red album) in stores June 3rd. You can check out there first video for the single Pork and Beans, at a link below, also if you want to make a header for the site, check out a link below.

Pork and Beans HERE

Header Details HERE