Wahooo, the wiikend is here!! What games are you planning on playing this wiikend? Me I am going to start playing through Wind Waker for the 3rd time, yes amazing I know. When the wiikend comes the work does not stop. We will be holding a few planning meetings today. Don’t feel bad for us, they are not as bad as they may seem; 10 min meeting, 20 min gaming, 10 min meeting, 20 min gaming. If the plans all work out today, we will have some special stuff for you down the pipeline.

Our friends over at College Humor sent us over this contest, pertaining to the show, “Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” I know it is not a Nintendo contest, but this is what the Wiikend post is for, to shed some light on things non-Nintendo, plus we wanted to help out our friends at College Humor.

Also, if one of our readers wins this contest, their may be a VC game in if for you, from us.

Check Out The Contest HERE