Various outlets are reporting that some GameStop stores overseas have said Watch Dogs for the Wii U won’t be released.  This can be filed under rumor at the moment – there seem to be no issues with pre-ordering the game from GameStop stores elsewhere, and until Ubisoft confirms or denies it, we’ll just have to wait and see.  The game is a high-profile 3rd party release – something the Wii U could certainly use.


Update – Word has quickly spread that the origins of this news was due to a GameStop system glitch.  Below is taken from a Kotaku article ,,,

[UPDATE 2, 2:58PM:] Good news, everyone! GameStop Italy and our U.S.-based source have both said that this was all a glitch in the system and that Watch Dogs is—or will soon be—available for pre-order for Wii U again in Italy and the U.S. Apologies for making everyone nervous about this and for not getting that all sorted prior to publishing the first time.

Thanks to Pure Nintendo fan sharlo galmo for the tip.