Next Gen has a cool article about what improvements Nintendo could incorporate into their next DS iteration.  One of the coolest ideas they list is a Virtual Console for the DS!!! Check it out:

4) A Virtual Console. I keep hearing grunts over the lack of Game Boy games on the Wii Virtual Console. That’s a kind of a strange thing to mope about, as the Game Boy is a portable system; the Wii isn’t. Portable games and home console games are kind of different. Considering that, like the Wii, the DS is only backward-compatible by one generation (another source of minor annoyance), it makes sense to expand the system’s range, transforming it into the handheld of all handhelds. Surely the DS is punchy enough to drive a Game Boy / Game Boy Color emulator. Or a Game Gear one. And hey, this would be the perfect place for SNK to wave all of those amazing Neo Geo Pocket games under a new set of eyes. And what about the Atari Lynx! If Nintendo really wanted to be cute, it could offer new adaptations of its old Game & Watch LCD games (including the dual-screen ones everyone joked about when the DS was announced), for cheap.

If a VC for the DS is ALL they had for the next DS, I would be a very happy fan!  Check the link for even more cool improvements Nintendo could implement.

Source: Next Gen