IGN: Why didn’t Nintendo show off more hardcore titles like MadWorld, Fatal Frame and The Conduit?

Cammie Dunaway: Well, we have to pick and choose what we’re going to do at E3 and a couple of the games that we didn’t show which we’ve already announced I think will be appealing to hardcore gamers. Wario is going to be a ton of fun and we just announced that a few weeks ago. And then Kirby, which has nostalgia to it. And as Mr. Iwata indicated, we’re always working on Mario and Zelda titles, but E3 2008 wasn’t the show to show them.

IGN: Yeah, we didn’t think so, but we had to ask. What about a DS redesign?

Cammie Dunaway: What we’re focused on right now for DS is just getting it into the hands of more people. Again, when a piece of hardware that’s been out as long as DS has been out is able to still grow in the double digits, it just suggests that there’s still a lot of untapped market demand, particularly among new audiences, be it different ages or women taking up DS more readily.

It’s the usual marketing talk that doesn’t lead to any real answers unfortunately.  I wish Nintendo would just announce some of these new features so people wouldn’t criticize them as much.

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