IGN posted their new N-Query today. Not much in the way of new information, but there is a nice little hint at the end as to what Miyamoto will talk about at the upcoming Game Developers Conference. Here’s the morsel to salivate over till GDC comes around:

What’s the deal with Nintendo’s VC support? The classic games are great, but when are they going to start letting indy developers work on games for the Virtual Console? I’m getting sick of hobbydev projects; how about a little support Nintendo!


Speak of the devil. If Nintendo wants true innovation, it has to get development power into the hands of – drum roll please – developers. Nintendo wants the big idea to win out over the big budget, but if there’s no way for that idea to become more than just a few notes on a pad of paper then it does none of us any good.

That being said, Matty and I have a feeling you’ll be hearing more about the independent VC scene very soon. Come to think of it, there’s some kind of conference on the way for game developers, right? Man… it’d be great if one of the greatest game designers in the world would take the stage and give us all the skinny on Wii’s future relationship with developers, huh? Oh wait… Miyamoto is talking at GDC in just under a month, and I can’t think of a better time to send a message if I were Nintendo.


Sounds like we’re going to see some big support from developers on all fronts, both online and off.

Source: IGN Wii