– “Party version of Facebreaker,” but title is misleading (not really minigames) 
– Graphics look great – art style is impressive, moves nicely 
– Gameplay has a lot of promise also, but Matt wasn’t able to play it long 
– Shot from the sideview, still a 3D boxing game 
– Very fast, arcadey 

Skate It 
– Still not a lot of gameplay available in the version Matt + Daemon played 
– Will be a learning curve, but it’ll be a “cool” way to play a skateboarding game – Daemon 
– Programmed intuitively 
– Grinding all about timing 
– Visually not too impressive 
– Framerate needs to be up and running – lag won’t be good for the game 

DS Version of Skate It 
– Developed by Exient 
– Looks very, very good for the DS 
– Draw all tricks on the touch screen, drawings are similar, so you might do a trick by mistake 
– Looks promising 

Order Up! 
– Latest version more polished, somewhat enjoyable 
– Kind of like Cooking Mama/Diner Dash, more control of what you’re doing 
– Won’t blow anyone away, but Matt would rather play it than Cooking Mama 

Cocoto Kart Racing 
– Looks decent, rip-off of Mario Kart 
– Unnecessary game because of Mario Kart 
– One control option works well though if you use it, there isn’t much of a challenge

SPOGS Racing 
– Worst WiiWare game, ugliest game on the Wii 
– No license, but sort of basing it on Pogs game 
– Makes Virtua Racing from 1991 look great 
– Just a tire, not even a car or anything 
– Computer AI is awful (rubber-banding) 

– Two new Harvest Moon games announced (DS and Wii) 
– New stuff on Little King’s Story 

– Single-player shooter 
– Good, but not as “wowed” because of Dementium 
– Saw it very early on, but so far not too much exploration 
– Puzzles related around a little droid 
– Not a lot to shoot when enemies showed up – won’t ever be overwhelmed 
– Will be very difficult to play on DS Fat because of the darkness 
– Matt interested in seeing more 

Guitar Hero On Tour 
– Received mixed reviews 
– Selling very well – 300K in first week 
– Amazing for third-party DS game AND with its price 
– Best selling DS game of all time for Activision 
– Craig was teasing about feature in the game that hasn’t been unlocked yet, will know about it in around a week (Craig already knows, we should know during E3) 

Away Shuffle Dungeon 
– Announced for US 
– Did Blue Dragon on 360 
– Surprised Majesco is publishing it 

Reader Questions 
– Mario Tennis will come to the Wii eventually, according to Bozon 
– Ultimate Band will be decent (or High School Musical) for younger audiences interested in music games like Guitar Hero 
– Excite Truck not the only game to offer custom soundtrack (Endless Ocean, too but you couldn’t really create a soundtrack) 
– Funny emails about people asking to pimp their rides, someone who thinks the IGN Nintendo Team partially developed Mario Kart Wii 
– Look forward to (hopefully) Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Monster Hunter, Fatal Frame, any surprises at E3 – Mega Man 9 supposed to be at E3 
– E3 fantasy surprise: Bozon – Miyamoto coming out botomless, Matt – Retro’s serious next big game 
– Matt doesn’t think we’ll see more Metroid at E3 unless it’s a remake of Wii controls for MP1 + MP2 
– The IGN Nintendo team says they’re not ready for E3 – It’s pre-E3 for them right now 
– Matt & Bozon are psyched for Fatal Frame, but one of Matt’s friends said it had a weird framerate – should be fairly hyped 
– Matt will sell his Wii Fit to Craig 
– Matt will have a little fun at the E3 media briefing (it’s the highlight for everyone basically) 
– Wario Land for Wii footage (thoughts) – looks alright, it’s a 2D platformer 
– Kid Icarus or Man Icarus? Man Icarus (Icarus is supposed to be older anyway) 
– IGN Nintendo team hyped for The Dark Knight 
– Know 5-6 at least games for Wii for sure, expect more games though (gimmicky stuff and traditional stuff) 
– Pikmin 3 Party Babyz joke 
– Space Station Tycoon still canceled 
– New peripheral at E3? Bozon thinks they’re bound to, need voice chat and storage solution (not sure if these two will be peripherals) 
– Overall E3 rating hype: Watch out for crazy factor, Nintendo should have some good stuff this year 
– Other franchises that will get the Mega Man 9 deal: Bozon hopes for Castlevania, not too many franchises that would work 
– IGN stream keynotes up to Fran 
– Matt thought Elebits 2 DS would be for the Wii, but Konami still thinking about a Wii version 
– There’ll be a lot of RE5 gameplay 
– Daemon doesn’t like Civilization Revolution for DS, nothing like Advance Wars 
– We’ll never stop getting VC crap 
– More third-party games other than The Conduit need to sell well for them to step up on Wii 
– There will be third-party E3 surprises, but nothing too big 
– Joke about NGamer’s blurb on the unexpected take on a next gen-favorite (Bionic Commando card game for Wii joke) 
– Not too high chances for Crystal Bearers at E3 
– Chrono Trigger port/remake looks just like a SNES game on the DS, won’t be coming to the VC 
– Nothing too much that has blown Matt away graphically that will be at E3 (don’t know anything first-party though) 
– Rygar was delayed again for the Wii, is still supposed to come out 
– If Kid Icarus shows up, that’s a big piece of fan service. Same with Animal Crossing and maybe Pikmin 3 
– Star Wars Force Unleashed: 360 version excites the IGN Nintendo Team the most
– Star Fox Wii at E3: Matt hopes not, Craig wants to see the series continue 
– Soul Bubbles review up, Craig enjoyed it – can only get it at Toys R Us 
– Chances of OLED for next handheld: Not high 
– New handheld this generation? Bozon’s theory: Will be linked with Wii, a bit of internal memory, GB, GBC, backwards compatible with DS, touch and rumble – announcement maybe this year, could come out in 2009