High Voltage’s The Conduit:
-Built from the Ground up for Wii
-FPS with Scifi Government Conspiracy Theme
-The Plan for Video Footage is suppose to be this week
-They are working on Other projects. Bozon wants to download and/or buy them
-The other projects are not big epics like Conduit, but they are still very happy with the other two projects they were shown. (WiiWare wasn’t strongly implied)
-30 frames right now shooting for a lock 60, all sorts of control schemes.
-Ign has largest Nintendo Fanbase out there, the Dev was immediately contacted from publishers and developers right after the reveal.
-Bozon wants to work towards industry glory and not just a PR puppet at IGN.

Line Rider Wii:
to see what it’ll be like. Check XBLA may be similar review style. [/i]

Q: Fatal Frame 4 News?
A: No, but they are excited because of Fatal Frame + Suda. Likely no news until E3.

Q: DQ9 no news in forever, whats up with that ?
A: Square hinted to Bozon info will come soon. Square likes to deal with one title at a time

Q:What can Nintendo do to get big western dev houses to jump on the Wii ?
A: Matt wants Nintendo to step up and Publish more games, like back in the day. Wants Nintendo to go out and find the developers to develop. Bozon states how he thinks the Wii is the place for the small guys to put forth big efforts to try and become the big guys. Matt also wants Nintendo to reach out for synergy marketing with other big publishing houses.

Q: World Ends with You or Mario Kart Wii?
A: If World Ends With You is your type of game, get it before its gone. Mario Kart you can get now or a year from now. If you own a Wii, you gotta get Mario Kart Wii at some time, but World Ends With You won’t be around forever.

Q: Ign Logo on Okami Boxart ?
A: They don’t know what happened, it seems to be an F-Up. Matt and Bozon have no idea.

Q: When ZnW creator asked why the game didn’t sell what did you say?
A: Name was horrible, Character Design. They love it, it kicks ass, but $$$ talks.

Q: Controls Force Unleashed for Wii?
A: Its decent, not great, not 1 to 1. No IR functionality.

Q: GTA 4 and Mario Kart Wii Sales bet in first week?
A: Kart ~1.25-1.5 Million Bozon, Maybe a Million Matt,
GTA 4~ 2.5-3 million Bozon, 4+ Million Matt.

Q:Pick a publisher for the Conduit ?
A: Matt thinks it would make a really good edition to THQ’s roster. Thinks it will increase THQ’s PR with Nintendo Fans (on top of Deadly Creatures, De Blob). Bozon would like to see Ubisoft pick it up, and see what they learn from Conduit to make Red Steel 2 even better.

Q:Ever Elusive Dark Game ?
A: The Conduit was one of them. There is another, who had a cool concept and the tech to support it and took it to about a dozen publishers. Publisher response was like o0o0o0o Xbox 360? Developer was like no Wii, publisher response was, well this market is not proven on the Wii. Ubisoft stepped up with No More Heroes and Red Steel. Godfather, Scarface, Manhunt 2 should have done better but didn’t, and thats what publishers are looking at. The acknowledge that those are 2 ports and a bomb that outperformed the ps2 version. They say how Red Steel can be argued it did well because it was a launch game, Metroid Prime 3 did well but not as well as other Nintendo Games. The Developers have moved on now to other projects, but they would still like to show it some day, and are watching how the Conduit reveal goes for them.

Q: Seperated Wiiware and VC games from regular Wii Games, and UK/Aus From US in the Release dates and Reviews/Previes on Ign ?
A: This is an internal Struggle, Bozon and Matt have been lobbying for this already.

Q: Attach rate for Wii, at the current life cycle (1.3 years into system launch) is Wii’s or Xbox 360’s better?
A: They think 360 has the higher attach rate, they site some examples but they don’t have the numbers on hand. They have the numbers in the studio, but not exactly sure if they can comment on it. The Wii attach rate is better than you may think, and month to month Wii has beaten Xbox 360 software, but everything just sells on Xbox360.

Q: Conflict on Okami controls between Nsider Editor and Matt?
A: An Nsider guy said he preferred the Ps2 controls, Matt said he prefers the Wii. The problem comes with the Nsider Editors inability to draw a straight line. Upset the Ign opinion conflicts with itself, Matt stands by his Wii control preference.

Q: Guitar Hero 4 News?
A: Activision CEO cited that Guitar Hero 4 will use other instruments. He mentioned singing, but they think it may go further. Rock Band wasn’t the Guitar Hero killer everyone thought it was going to be, they think the brand name is just so strong. It was an eventually though.

Q:More excited Pikmin 3 or Kid Icarus ?
A: Knows Pikmin 3 will be amazing since its Nintendo and Pikmin rocks. Kid Icarus [looks stunning/or will look stunning,] (53ish minutes in if you want to give it a listen and look into this further in) every way known to man and hopes it plays as good as it looks.

~More from High Voltage, they are really impressed with the other stuff. One game in particular they hope is a WiiWare game, funny hilarious concept.

Thaks to Milabrega for the summary: