-Video review from Matt’s house coming later this week. Enjoy Stalkers.
-No multi player mode of any kind.

We Ski:
-Not so good.
-You can play 4 player mode but only one person can use the balance board
-The mini-game in WiiFit is better than We Ski.

~Konami Event~

-Rock Revolution DS
-More of a Rhythm game. You pick from one of four instruments.
-4 licensed songs were there
-Not so good, its just not a very good game

-International Track and Field DS.
-Really good, challenging.
-A lot of fast motioning with the stylus.

-Castlevania DS
-Was there but wasn’t playable
-Wii connectivity ‘practically confirmed’
-No idea if there is a full Wii game yet.

Band Brothers DX:
-Pass me through system with a Wii speaker channel. Bozon’s Sauce is message boards.
-Hope that channel is not the one Castlevania DS is using

Conduit :
-638 Comments on the Video, which only used to happen with GTA caliber games
-Craig “Unless Nintendo Picks it up, it will sell 5 copies”
-Bozon “Graphics are art design could use some work”
-They all agree the game needs a huge marketing budget
-Sounds like they could announce a publisher any day

Mad World:
-Got to see a 6 minute demo in San Fran.
-The gore in the game is way over the top
-Thinks it’ll get an M, they think ESRB won’t AO it since the extreme gore is comical
-Early ‘09

Infinite Line DS :
-2d art for character interactions
-3d for the space stuff
-Haven’t seen video, no gameplay shots
-Space Scifi setting.

~Sega Event~

Sonic Unleashed:
-Frame rate is all over the place, and they are shooting for 30fps.
-You can do a drift turn with a boost at the end
-You can do side dodges without losing speed
-Looks “Beautiful”
-Very European level design. Back ground textures are nice.
-Sounds like PS360 is the lead sku being developed by Sonic Team alone
-Sega says Wii version Dimps is doing all the Day time levels, but Sonic team is still developing. Rep also said that other studios may be involved, but are trying to downplay it.
-Day time levels and Night time Levels are focus of the game (sonic and were-sonic)
-Sounds like all the Secret Rings Wii-Mote mechanics are gone. This one is Chuck+Mote and Gamecube controller.

Sonic and the Dark Brotherhood:
-”A let down” Craig and Bozon.
-Gameplay doesn’t really feel right. A lot of slow to fast to slow.
-3d platforming in 2d is really weird.
-Kind of random battles, turn based stuff. Special attacks are down like elite beat agents, just not as good as EBA.

Sales Age:
May Predictions
-Matt – Wii 800k – 360 high 400k – Ps3 high 200k
-Bozon – Thinks PS360 will be around 250k highest, with Ps3 a little lead. Wii low 700k maybe high 600k
-Craig – PS360 twice of what they did
WiiFit Vs GTA media exposure?
-Today show, Ellen show already had Wiifit its only a matter of time for Oprah!
-They talk about Wiifit’s potential incredible legs
Microsoft Ten Million Mark PR
-They forgot to mention Wii’s at 9.5 million.
-Think Nintendo already has the PR with “Fastest to 10 million” laying in wait for some time in the next two weeks

~Ubisoft Event ~
-Ign has exclusive sometime in the next week
-Jokes about the “Nintendo like quality they showed there” Hint: Not Nintendo like Quality
-One that could be pretty cool, great name, 7 Z’s in the name. Could have Potential. (don’t know if this is one game or just jokes, plenty of jokes about titles ending in Z’s)

~WiiWare Policy Interview Should be coming this week
~Guitar Hero DS blog coming this week

Matt C Hype Title :
-Soon, an exclusive Zapper title for Wii that you may/will want will be announced
-Bozon impression of GAF and how they react to Matt C’s hyped games that do not exist

Critter Round up:
-Not Very Challenging
-$10, Overpriced

Star Soldier R:
-Bozon “decent”
-Comes with a Warning that notes its a time based game which shuts the game off after either 2 minutes or 5 minutes
-Highest Score for each mode gets uploaded to Nintendo Wifi.
-The story set up doesn’t work with the game

Reader Q & A :

Q: Conduit Trailer, Death match Authorized, does this mean we’re finally going to get one ?
A: Matt will confirm that by the end of this week. They think thats what it means.

Q: Favorite series/game/how would you improve it on a Nintendo Console ?
A: Matt: Metroid/Prime/control Samus Ship, Craig: Starfox/Snes/Keep it On-rails, Bozon: Zelda/Lttp/perfect, Damon: Zelda/MM/Wants MM/WW hybrid,

Q: Disaster ‘08?
A: Maybe not according to the rumors, before rumors would have said yes

Q: How long Conduit in production?
A: Early, perhaps pre-alpha. Don’t have full levels yet

Q: Shenmue 1 & 2 Wii ports?
A: They don’t have any idea.

Q:Lack of Dr. Mario WTF!!?
A: May have looked at Japanese launch and saw how Nintendo games trumped third parties.

Q: Best game on the Wii?
A: Mario Galaxy, Unanimous.

Q: Capcom Gamer’s Day?
A: Next week in Vegas. Only know of Off the record stuff to expect.

Q: Worthy franchise to get the Lego treatment? ?
A: Could go through an hour on this one question. Fight Club, TMNT.

Q: Zack and Wiki resurrected for WiiWare?
A: Not going to happen.

Q:Mad World Just a stylized Manhunt ?
A: Umm, no.

Q: Crystal Bearers news ?
A: If its not at E3, we won’t see it this year. Trickled news that there has been some problems

Q: Kid Icarus Genre ?
A: Think its going to be an action flight game

Q: Balance Board ever to be sold separately ?
A: Probably not, example: Wii Play.