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Nintendo’s Balance Board Can Improve Brain Connections in MS Patients
10 years ago

Nintendo’s Balance Board Can Improve Brain Connections in MS Patients

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An interesting tidbit of news for your weekend reading. According to a new Radiology study, it appears that MS patients can benefit from using the Wii’s Balance Board.

The study …
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Nintendo Gives Consumers a Chance to Get Fit for Free with Wii Fit U
11 years ago

Nintendo Gives Consumers a Chance to Get Fit for Free with Wii Fit U

Nintendo has announced they will be offering the ability to download Wii Fit U for free.  Between Nov. 1, 2013, and Jan. 31, 2014, consumers will be able to download the …
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Hudson’s Marble Saga: Kororinpa Rolls Onto Wii Next Spring, Online Multiplayer, Balance Board Support

Sequel to the Fun-Filled Puzzle Adventure Features Tons of New Levels,
Multiplayer Gameplay, Wi-Fi Connection And Wii Balance Board

REDWOOD CITY, CA – September 30, 2008 – Hudson Entertainment, the North
American publishing arm for HUDSON SOFT, today announced that it is
bringing Marble Saga: Kororinpa, an exciting puzzle adventure
centering around a marble, exclusively to Wii next spring.

The sequel to Kororinpa: Marble Mania, Marble Saga: Kororinpa is full
of new levels for gamers to explore, 4-person multiplayer gameplay,
tons of customization features, the ability to connect and compete
online and the use of the Wii Balance Board as features.

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Wii Music Details

Taken from the Japanese Wii Music site:

Ad Lib Performance – Choose among 50 tunes, 60 instruments, and a selection of stages – As you play alone, you can record …
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Toys’R’Us Hot Toy List For The 2008 Holiday Season

WAYNE, N.J., Sept. 25 /PRNewswire/ — With the official start of the
holiday shopping season only weeks away, today Toys”R”Us announced its 2008
Hot Toy list, representing the definitive selection of toys that will top
kids’ wish lists this holiday season. The company’s predicted list of the
biggest holiday “must-haves” features 36 new toys that are sure to delight
and excite kids across the country when they open their Christmas presents.
Carefully selected after a comprehensive review process, items on the list
are organized by age from “Baby’s First Christmas” to “Big Kids” and serve
as a starting point to help parents, friends and family find the perfect
gift for any child. From the overall list, the “Fabulous 15″ were selected
to represent the very best toys of the season. All items featured on the
list are available at Toys”R”Us stores nationwide and at

“After a thorough evaluation of all new toy introductions throughout
the year, and consultations with our global merchandising team in 34
countries, Toys”R”Us has the unique ability to provide our guests with THE
ultimate list of items certain to bring big smiles to kids’ faces – the
Toys”R”Us Hot Toy list,” said Karen Dodge, Senior Vice President, Chief
Merchandising Officer, Toys”R”Us, U.S. “With new toy shipments arriving in
our stores daily, customers will have a better chance of finding the
hottest toys, in stock, at Toys”R”Us than anywhere else.”

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IGN: Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast Summary

Mega Man 9
– Debate was going on about what score the graphics should get
– Matt thinks the graphics are outdated and kind of ugly, but it doesn’t affect the gameplay
– Craig/Bozon say it’s not a bad looking game, just a step back in technology
– Daemon doesn’t think the graphics are bad either
– Graphics score given was a 3
– In the swing of things, the whole breakdown doesn’t affect the scores as much as people think they do
– Talk about how cool the Mega Man 9 press kit is

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NEW YORK – September 22, 2008 – Majesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: COOL), an innovative provider of video games for the mass market, announced today an agreement with Scholastic Interactive, a division of Scholastic Media (SM) (, to distribute the Group’s console and handheld titles in North and South America. Titles under the agreement include Goosebumps HorrorLand for Wii, PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and Nintendo DS and Ultimate I SPY for Wii, scheduled for release in October, as well as catalog titles I SPY Fun House and Animal Genius for Nintendo DS.

“The Majesco team is excited to help Scholastic bring to market games based on two of their most well known and successful franchises, Goosebumps and I SPY, as well as expand the distribution of their catalog titles,” said Gui Karyo, Executive Vice President of Operations, Majesco.

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With gold medal fever still fresh in American viewers’ minds, Nintendo and Nickelodeon are giving fitness fans another heart-pumping event to cheer about. Olympic skating champion Kristi …
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IGN Voice Chat Podcast Summary: Conduit Talk

– The Conduit is still at pre-alpha, working pretty heavily on multiplayer. About six months of development left to refine and polish. Single-player campaign has a lot done, you can play through the entire game right now. The core is done, working on details. Making sure everything looks and plays as good as it can.

– The Conduit has had full funding all the way through the project, thus High Voltage was not rushing to get a publisher. High Voltage is very close to announcing the publisher for The Conduit, should come in the next month.
– Eric Nofsinger says we should be very excited about their publisher, High Voltage weighed the decision heavily. It’s a “larger publisher.” Deal with the publisher included that, when the publisher is announced, High Voltage will still continue to provide the press with coverage concerning The Conduit, will push to start on the sequel right away. High Voltage was very choosey about the publisher for The Conduit.

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IGN Voice Chat Ep. 20 Summary

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Bomberman WiiWare
– 8 player online multiplayer
– Mii support
– 4 players from same console online at once
– Matt & Bozon are psyched, sounds fun

Tiger Woods

– Awesome, fun game, but still has some flaws and old issues – Matt
– Still a step up from previous games

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Wii Balance Board Used To Make Vacuuming Fun

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My roomate would love for me to do this. I would be vacuuming the room everyday, sometimes 7 or 20 times.

Best of GC: The Best New Products at the GC – Games Convention 2008

For the sixth time, the Leipziger Messe has awarded the title of “Best of GC” to the most innovative new products at the GC – Games Convention. This year’s winners in nine categories were announced yesterday evening. A total of 29 exhibitors at the GC – Games Convention had submitted 122 hardware items and software titles (2006: 85) for the award.

The happy winners were:

In the category Best PC Game:

SPORE – Electronic Arts

In “Spore”, Will Wright lets players create their own species and send them off on a journey through five billion years of evolutionary history. In the process, he succeeds in combining elements from casual, strategy, role-play and action simulations into a single game – and opens the door to a games galaxy in which all living elements are designed by the players themselves. “Spore” is at the same time both complex and comprehensible and will have an inspirational effect on video game development for many years to come.

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Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party (Wii) Factsheet

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First they invaded the world and, now your TV!

The Rabbids have taken over almost every channel you can imagine, from music to movies – even TV ads! Help the Rabbids destroy all our daily viewing and drive Rayman crazy.

In Story Mode, play through a week of television, with each day bringing new wacky challenges of skill and insane movements in a compilation of mini-games. With up to eight players in turn-based mode and four players simultaneously, get ready for you and all your friends to go insane!

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Ubisoft talks MotionPlus PLUS

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GS: Nintendo recently announced the MotionPlus for the Wii. Do you have any thoughts about utilizing that?

YM: I’d have to say that I wouldn’t realize at first that it …
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NPD – Nintendo takes top sales spots in July – Wii and DS on top once again

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DS 608k Wii 555k Playstation 3 225k PSP 222k Xbox 360 205k Playstation 2 155k Top 10 Software

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NPD July software/hardware sales

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DS 608k Wii 555k Playstation 3 225k PSP 222k Xbox 360 205k Playstation 2 155k Top 10 Software

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IGN- Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast: Summary

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Fatal Frame 4
– Controls are “retarded” – just as clunky as other versions if not worse
– No dual analog
– Doesn’t use pointer at all to look up and down
– Can’t use classic controller
– Nintendo-themed unlockable characters
– Movement is still slow
– Game itself is still spooky, Matt thinks he’ll still have fun with it
– Looks really nice graphically

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