The Conduit:
-Washington D.C. is under attack by aliens
-The All Seeing Eye, reveals hidden locations, monsters, items
-High Voltage was going to show the trailer which ign thought looked cool, but High Voltage wants to delay the public release of the trailer to make the trailer better and fix up its issues.

Gyrostar :
-Looks like Tempest
-$7, Wii-Ware Launch title
-Visuals look better on a larger screen

Animales De la Muerte:
-All 4 are excited for it
-Surprised Nintendo are fine with the title, not sure how ESRB will treat it.

~High Voltage have had 10 publishers contact them since Conduit blowout. Other Developers contacted them about using the Tech.

~Next week another game, kind of the same situation as the Conduit, developer going to fly out talk about the game, some screens, podcast

Prince of Persia DS:
-Announced today. Xbox360/Ps3/DS. No other news about it.
-Sounds like they aren’t going to bother with a Wii version this time around.

Battle of the Bands :
-3 Waggle motions and thats it
-When you screw up, the song doesn’t screw up
-If you play one song in BotB, you’ve played everything the game has to offer

Target Terror:
-Its actually programmers who made the game in costumes
-Frame rate sucks, gameplay isn’t fun
-Calls out GAF for being idiots thinking Bozon liked the game without reading the review
-Its not good, but its awesome(the wackiness is the awesome part not the actual game)

Retro walk outs:
-They were completely wrong about the Retro rumor.
-Ign not happy that their retro sources didn’t say a word when they asked.
-Matt thinks we may not even notice they are gone, big company, life will go on
-Speculations about what the situation was and what Retro is being asked to do now
Rumors for leaving, internal Retro feelings: Metroid Prime 1 &2 Wii-Make, Some Retro happy to make a 4th Metroid, Some Retro not happy they can’t make Metroid 4.
-Ign thinks they may go make a new studio, haven’t heard word yet

Bunnies on a WiiFit Board :
-Can’t comment NDA’d, jokes all dancing around Rabbids 3 but they aren’t allowed to directly say it

Line Rider 2 :
-DS-“When deleting stuff using the stylus it kind of chugs a little bit” ( Huh? )
-DS-looks fine, may run better than the wii game
-No DS/Wii interface.
-Boom Blox level editor really smart, and the Line Rider 2 level editor is really lacking

~A couple of minutes talking about who will review what DS titles etc.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:
-If you played it last year, then you played this one
-If you were to play a mystery dungeon game, this is the one to play
-Tedious, doing same thing over and over

Reader Questions:

Q:Whats the deal with Bionic Commando VC, is it really the Nazi/violence reference?
A:Ign has no idea. Think it could be the Nazi reference, not the violence. Could also be those Next-Gen titles having something to do with it, Ign has no idea.

Q: Holiday titles ?
A: Mario party jokes. The same old Pikmin, AC talk. Confirms Kid Icarus again. Matt used interesting choice of words in this part “Maybe we’ll see 1080 officially”. won’t look too into it, it was just in the midst of talking about potential titles.

Q: Does Brawl’s Online knock the game some post review points now with MK online??
A: Brawl’s online is broken, it sucks. Its still not working.

Q: Developers going to use Wii to DS connectivity soon ?
A: Ign asks a lot of developers about it, and the developers are usually like huh what? and Ign teaches them that they can actually do things. They think Line Rider should have used it.

Q: Timesplitters 3 Wii exclusive ?
A: May not be coming exclusively to Wii, or may not be coming to Wii at all.

Q: Anyway for a Wii Game to be patched to be fixed ?
A: Yeah if the developer puts the functionality in, but they don’t think Nintendo is pushing for games to do this.

Q: Cricket Game?
A: Cricket!!!? Ign wants a Hockey game first.

Q: Ubisoft have any secret Nintendo-like quality games coming?
A: So far, Ign has seen nothing.

Q:Castlevania 2d DS,Wii…. 3d Ps3, 360 rumor ?
A: They know the DS one is coming, haven’t heard anything else about it.

Q: WiiFit 6th best selling game in UK history, how do you feel, prediction of US sales ?
A: They like the UK sales. Matt thinks 2.8 million by year ends in US, Craig 3 Million, Bozon 4-5 million, Demon 2-3 million. A million month 1 is a given. Matt changes prediction to 3.6 million after Bozon says he thinks it may come bundled with Wii system come Christmas.

Q: EA Skate it, Skate spin off for Wii/DS?
A: Never heard of it, doesn’t exist they say.

Q: Any 1st Party Nintendo games you know about but can’t talk about?
A: If they knew they would talk about it, or at least blatantly tease about it (E.G. Kid Icarus)

Q: NCAA 08 Madden 08 hands on?
A: Soon, a month maybe.

Q: WTF VC Releases!! ?
A: Ign has spoken to developers who all say they have a ton of games in Nintendo’s VC Que. So this delay is on Nintendo’s end.

Q: Favorite Wii-Ware Game?
Matt-World of Goo
Craig- World of Goo
Bozon- Animale de la Muerte
Damon- Strongbad

Animale and Lost Winds was getting love in this part too.