IGN Voice Chat Summary is the new name for the Wiik in review podcast.

Smash Sales:
-1.4 Million copies in 8 days
-1.8 Wii units produced every month
-875,000 Day 1

Obscure: The Aftermath:
-480i, 4:3, 60fps, $29
-Stiff Animation in parts
-Drop in, drop out 2 player.

Pro Evolution Soccer:
-8.6, “absolutely killer, absolutely sick”
-2 Players, online, great sports game in general, “using the wiimote is badass”

Wii Love Golf:
-Online mode for America with Mii usage.
-Zak and Wiki character.

-The game could be Kid Icarus, they know it exists, but it could not be.
-They hope its not Kirby,Icarus or DK, the games they already know about. Do hope its Pikmin or something else cool, unknown or new

Mario Kart Wii:
-Battle Mode. Fun. Going to be the main draw for people.
-They have a remake of block fort, but its not quite block fort, 70% old block fort.
-They like the DK skate park
-Sand level, Swamp Level, Snes Mario Kart battle level 4.
-Battle mode team based 12 players is badass’d
-Online looks like you’ll be forced either red or blue team

World is With You:
-“Best S-E game thus far for DS”, Bozon
-Feels like a crazy innovative game.
-Bottom screen like Ninja Gaidenragon Swords, top screen like dance dance revolution … at the same time.

Reader Questions:
VC Downloads of Gameboy games and then X-fer to DS? ~ They think it’ll happen eventually, maybe with DS2.
Earthbound VC, hear anything? ~ Haven’t heard. Will hassle Reggie about it next time they sit down.
Any game you would give a 10 that you didn’t review? ~ Link to the Past Bozon, Super Metroid Damon, Original Pokemon Craig. Matt wouldn’t have given OoT a 10.
New Metroid? Who will take over? ~ Nintendo Rep told Matt they’ll hook them up with Retro sometime this year. Its going to be an original game.
DS potential still untapped? ~ Bozon, “Some publishers are saying DS is not a money making system anymore”
Yo, Favorite Mario Kart Battle Mode? ~ Balloon Pop is better than Coin Collector.
Reggie’s Game? ~ Matt, “Hopefully Pikmin 3”. Bozon “Kid is back”. Could be Animal Crossing.
Chibi Robo sell well, chance of Wii Game? ~ No idea on sales. If there was a GC game, theres always a chance of a Wii game.
Whats next for RE franchise on Wii for US. gamers? ~ Port Jokes. Minigame Jokes. No chance of RE5 Wii.
June/July for Nintendo? ~ “May just slide Wiifit, Kart a month each”, Bozon.
Mario Kart, Bikes or Karts advantage? ~ Bikes are tighter.
New News on Mario Baseball Wii? ~ No Idea.
Mario Kart Wii LAN? ~ No
SquareEnix WiiWare other than what we heard? ~ Yes.
Dark Game Matt? Ehh? Ehh? ~ “….”
Big Huge 2008 Wii title you hinted at last week? ~ Long way off, may not be 2008. Top Tier easily. Can not say more.
Sega Superstar Tennis? ~ B-game. “has all those characters, but the game really doesn’t have any character”.
What Mario game would you remake for wii? ~ RPG, 3, Yoshi’s Island.

Making the Game feature. ~ Feature about the making of a WiiWare game. Talked to publishers alread