Thanks to Milabrega for the summary: 

-Full widescreen now
-No paper filter likely since they didn’t mention that

Biohazard 0:
-Japan only release right now
-Not a remake, not going to be running 16:9

Crap Games (Podcast Filler?):
-Agatha Christy = 4.9
-Kidz Sports International Soccer = 1.0 “A total turd”
-London Taxi Rush Hour = looks like a bad n64 game

MX Vs. ATV Untamed:
-Floaty, Frame rate is kind of weak

Bully(Feb. GotM):
-Visuals are basically PS2
-“Motions are great, fun to do the fighting”
-Extra classes are cool, a little trauma center mini game
-“If we’re going to have Wii-Makes it out to be something good like Bully”
-About an hour of additional content. Worth playing if you haven’t before

-332:89 Wii to PS3 in Japan. So 4:1ish
-Talk about WiiFit and Brawl sales doing well
-Matt and Bozon mock message board users who want WiiFit to fail

-Defend my Castle. Online play, leader boards, Launch title, $5.
-Major league Eating.

Tales of Symphonia
-You can capture and breed monsters throughout the game.
-New main character, story picks up at the end of the last one.

Ninja Reflex
-Feels like a WiiWare game
-6 Mini games. High production values though.

-Sequel, Survivor horror
-480i, 4:3, 60fps

Mario Kart Wii
-Text chat will be predetermined phrases you can use before the race.

-Europe 89.99 Euro’s

Ninja Gaiden DS
-Really cool, its like phantom hourglass but faster
-They both really like it

-Sadness Rep contacted Matt before GDC, said hey lets meet up you can play it and post some videos…. Never Showed Up.
Brawl Review?? – Very very soon. Score has been the same for a month. “It’ll be in the 9.0’s”
-Other Hardcore wii titles at nintendo getting Mini’d?- “No spoke to some people at GDC, their projects are still going as planned, expect some amazing things from them”
MLB 2k8?? – Not a serious attempt on Wii. No online, graphics, controls are a slap in the face from 2k.
Wheres the dark game?? – One was Deadly Creatures, the one they promised for valentines day. The one that was suppose to be on this podcast got pushed. Matt ” Right now someone on gaf is saying, Stupid Douche”. Excuses are made, fingers pointed at the Dev…..
Capcom planning tons of Wii-REmakes? – If resident evil 0 sells……
Thoughts on Vanilla Ware title? – “looks badass”. A chance for a U.S. release if it picks up.
God Game? – the company was bought buy THQ, no word from THQ if its still around.
Wii Zelda announcement this year? – “thinking no”
Mini racers VC chance? – “that would be sweat”
Does Dedede really suck in Brawl? – Yes. 4 Player he’s good not 1 on 1. Nate at the treehouse claims he can rock with Dedede
Someone calls Ign out on being a PR extension, no more exclusives?– Reggie interview example of an exclusive, they steer clear of rumors, they have a source that wants them to bring back Ed the Janitor rumor section, they may bring it back when they feel comfortable to do so.
Revived franchises on wii? Any 3rd Party? – The Ones we know about are First party.
3rd Part Wii games ’08? – Going in, its a bit slim.
How would you use DS/Wii Connectivity? – Bozon: Madden, to draw receiver routes, or select plays in local play.
Creepy voice chat premier? – Not creepy, unconventional. Its confirmed at this point. By 3rd quarter.
Smash? – Still playing, 50+ hours. At the point where he wishes there were more characters, but could also be he just needs more people to play.