HotD 2&3
-pretty much just a port of the Dreamcast 2 and Xbox 3. 60fps though
-stretched at 16:9
-great calibration.
-new exclusive mode for one of the games, info next week
Sega Superstar Tennis
-actually looks pretty good
-at 60fps. chugs a bit during some of the minigames.
-really just like virtua tennis with the Wii remote and Sega characters
-DS game not as elaborate as the console games, barebones even, but still pretty solid
-no online for Wii or DS
-good if you’re bored with Wii Sports
Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword
-Craig doesn’t think it will do well.
-pretty darn fun
-Matt surprised how much he liked it.
-they’re all pretty confident that it’ll be good.
Mario Kart Wii
-visuals: not very pretty
-low poly, shiny texture passover, 60fps, great sense of speed, FUN
-played it for 10 minutes, didn’t really get the hang of it
-More analog than digital compared to excite truck
-finding the center is the biggest problem
-lots of opportunity for boost
-boost is changed to destroy snaking, works quite a bit
-2p split screen online

-4p local
-tons of stats, 7 PAGES!
-possible for a menu extension
-Tracks: Coconut Mall: NUTS racing through a 2 story mall
-Reggie: Mario Kart Wii a “Bridge game”
-auto powerslide option, just no boost.
-DLC missions: take assets from the game and rearrange them into these missions

Pay to Play:
-Red instead of Blue
-Theorizing that it’s going to be going to Animal Crossing (editor’s note: I think this is total bupkiss)
-DLC -> AC too (not so much, but getting there)
-Game by game XBL?
-Guitar Hero 4 DLC!
-HDD? Reggie: eh, maybe

Soma Bringer:
-Matt really into it
-great art, [so totally not] developed by namco, great battle system
-Square DS stuff, a bit choppy, Soma Bringer, smooth as shit.
-not so much FMV
-more coverage coming: up to 1 ton (2000lbs) of video

Battle of the Bands:
-actually pretty cool
-simple, just follow along with the direction
-30 Licensed tracks recorded 5 different ways.
-very anolog

General GDC:

-under $100
-probably going to be just under, though, it’s not like it matters
-Matt, Mark, Craig Laugh at “WiiFit is killing gaming!”
-10 other balance board games in development
-ONE MILLION units at launch
-they’re flooding the market
-Nintendo is definitely NOT happy with the shortages
-if Reggie can say they’re going to be #1 IN AMERICA! by June, then they definitely have to have the units
-Definitely have the games
-British version being shown off at GDC
-rediculously accurate
-a REAL workout
-a lot of little things, like you can switch the output so you’re watching TV and the Wiimote speaker will time you, or you can add that say you just went on a 1 mile run to your profile
-would be great with Nike Plus
-why not get a pedometer for WiiFit?

-really nice guy
-unfortunate they had to grill him
-questions and answers are lost in translation sometimes
-Roster: what you see is what you get
-no DLC planned period, just stage editor stuff
-Sakurai perfectly content with the game.
-no one approached them with 3rd party characters. Sakurai laughs at Matt’s innsolence
-only thing Sakurai didn’t get was headset/keyboard support. Sakurai says “Use Skype Mortals”

Boom Blox Headtracking:
-bullet time mode that lets you move stuff around
-just an easter egg, not really a bullet point

Wii copycats – Zcamera:
-special camera, almost infared
-can lock onto your various body parts
-works flawlessly
-Matt thinks that this will be the basis for next gen
-NOT eye-toy
-3D, NOT 2D overlay
-great tech
-Boxing demo destroys Wii Sports Boxing

-looks better than most Wii games
-lot of cool puzzles
-Reggie excited about this
-Craig is worried about shovelware on WiiWare
-shouldn’t be too much of a problem with how Nintendo are limiting releases. more than VC.

-voice chat is coming, but if P2P isn’t awesome, they ain’t paying
-Roy and Mew aren’t in there. Lucario = Mew anyway
-MKWii Wiimote+nunchuck: analog-steer, A/B-accellerate/brake, Z-slide, +-item (^ to shoot forward, V to shoot back.)
-FFCC:CB: NOT CANCELED. probably diverted a few resources, but it’s coming, though a long wait is likely.
-Wii Headtracking: probably not. too much work. WiiWare may have something…
-MKWii: later than anything else. Reggie sayz
-Nintendo sayz: Punks don’t know ’bout mai MKWii grfx! (they don’t care)
-Storage is probably coming
-no Cryptic hints about upcoming games they can’t talk about from Matt & Mark (not)
-Craig however has something neat for DS soon
-well, actually there is WiiWare
-no idea about Hockey Wii games, hopefully soon
-games CAN tap into stuff like the news and the weather channels
-Red Steel 2: DID go to a new team, Ubisoft values the franchise
-IGN: apparently has an outdated copy of Okami Wii, they’ll believe it when they see it
-DLC may mean a new storage solution, but no clear idea
-someone know a solution that can connect Craig and LA, they promise Cake