Matt talks “Deadly Creatures” by THQ: Think that it takes place in a wasteland, maybe after man is dead. One of the final stages could be a broken down gas station in middle of the destert. “Looks like it could be pretty cool. Graphics aren’t too bad for Wii.”

-Matt mentions that some people thought that the trailer shown on IGN is “CGI”. It in fact is NOT, according to THQ. It is real-time graphics. “Hopefully that’s true..” Says Bozon

-Not one of the “dark games” that they have been talking about. More stuff coming the week AFTER GDC about it. IGN wants to have a “correct blowout” for said dark game.

-DQ: Swords: “Pretty cool, very very thin. Straightforward. Perfect for 7-year old niece.”
“A cool un-gamer game.”-Bozon. More options needed in controls. Diagonals don’t always register as they should. “Could have been on Wii-Ware for $10.”-Bozon

-NPD Sales. Wii “scraped by for January.” Bozon amazed that 360 is near bottom. “Makes no sense.”-Bozon. Matt “willing to bet that units were diverted to Japan for Smash Bros.” Thinks that Nintendo will be stock-piling units for US Smash Bros, Wii Fit, Mario Kart.

-Software sales. “GHIII sales pretty awesome for game that doesn’t even run in stereo.” (Wii)
Mario Galaxy has 2.7 Million copies sold. Matt/Bozon sad that Carinval Games outsells Metroid Prime 3.

-NCAA Football for Wii. EA starting to put more faith into Wii. Tiger Woods selling like crazy.

-Smash Bros. Tournament: Kicking off this week in LA. Doors open @ 3PM. Details on website. First 200 people at door get in.

-Fran’s Smash Profiles: “Check ‘em out.”-on “Videos” page for Smash Bros. Snake has some “funky combos, tough to use.” SOME SPOILERS

-Death Jr. announced for Wii. Up-Ressed visuals, Waggle. “Funky, deformed version of Devil May Cry.”-Bozon

-GH: Aerosmith for Wii. Bozon hoping for GH1+2 Package for Wii.

-IGN going to GDC next week in San Fran. Seeing demo of Wii Fit US, checking out a Nintendo demo for WiiWare, don’t know what title it is. Matt has appointment to see FF:CC: Young King and the Promised Land. Bozon says it’s “looking good.” A few big interviews that Matt “isn’t talking about yet.”

-Matt 6-7 hours into Wii Okami. “Pretty good.” -Matt. Less of a “paper-look” on Wii, might be a bit dissapointing to some people. Wii version has brighter presentation, more vibrant colours, 480p, fit black-bar widescreen mode. Not entirely widescreen. Bozon thinks the Wii version is much brighter, better looking than PS2, vibrant. Gain more with the Wii version that what you lose. Celestial Brush works MUCH better on Wii. Much quicker, more natural. Nun-chuck waggle is slightly off. Matt doesn’t use it, not a necessity. Can get through the entire game without it. TONS of footage on IGN.

-Bozon would have like Twilight Princess much more if bigger attacks were done with swipe, minor attacks done with A button.


Favorite/Least Fav. Final Smash?: Bozon–Diddy Kong favorite. Least Fav: Day-to-day. [sorry, couldn’t make out the name?] Matt likes final smashes where you can guarantee that you can blow the person off the screen.

What upcoming 3rd Party games should we be excited for that appeal to 1st party gamers?: Boom Blox: Some media say it reminds them of Miyamoto game. Matt “really doesn’t know” any incredible 3rd party games that would appeal to 1st party gamers. “Okami for sure.”

-Bozon sees no problem with posting Smash fighters/rosters. “No appologies.”

-What score would you give Smach as of RIGHT NOW?: Bozon plays every day for hours, Matt has 25-30 hours logged on Japanese version. Matt says “wait for the review” for score. Matt “won’t rate it as high as Metroid, Mario Galaxy.” Bozon wouldn’t rate it as high as Metroid either. Lasting appeal WILL get 10.

-Will Bozon wear the helmet in every reaview for DQ: Swords?: “Gosh, I hope not.”-Matt.

-Do you (Matt/Bozon) frequently lose to Fran in Smash?: Fran “gives them a run for their money.” Bozon “positive that he can beat him.” Sonic VS. Menonknight video up tonight.

-Death Jr. Wii: Again: Updated version of PSP version; better visuals, wii controls.

-Disaster: Day of Crisis ’supposedly still coming.’ Haven’t heard a whole let, expect to hear more at E3.

-Matt doesn’t agree with Bozon’s “Jam Sessions” review for DS. Would have rated it “like, 5 points lower.” Matt could have seen No More Heroes as an 8.0. Matt would have rated DQ: Swords a “6.5 or so.” Bozon thinks Endless Ocean a “7.8″.

-64DD or Virtual Boy?: Bozon still plays Virtual Boy “constantly.” Matt would choose Virtual Boy also. Bozon contacted someone about VB Glasses. It was possible, but WAY too costly. Matt says “that’s how you spent Valentine’s Day…”

-Can’t talk much about Mario Kart. “Mario Kart? What?”

-IGN has US version of Smash, but can’t review yet, according to Nintendo. Smash Japanese version identical to US. Bozon thinks Multiplayer is “flawless.” No headset?-”Ah, whatever.”-Bozon. Matt/Bozon like to wright vulgar statements, especially with Pikachu.

-Bozon: THQ does not have rights to all wrestlers they want for “No Mercy”. Game is pretty much “dead in the water.” “Not gonna happen anytime soon.”-Matt.

-Any 3rd party games that we don’t know about?: Bozon can’t think of any “HOLY CRAP” games–Matt says there are a few. Can’t talk yet.

-Bozon thinks “behind the visor” concept for Megaman could be cool. Also thinks Legends should come back.

-Thoughts on DEADLY CREATURES: Matt thinks it could be fun, wants to see more of it. Bozon “cautiously optimistic.”

-Is KIRBY WII dead?-”Nope.” says Matt. “Its definitely coming.”

-MLB 2K8 for Wii-Bozon trying to get more info.

-Should next MARIO/ZELDA /METROID concept (gameplay wise) be changed completely?: Matt wants Mario to be evolution, not revolution. Take physics to next level. Really likes the Galaxy concept. Bozon wants Mario Galaxy 2 on Wii, thinks it will happen.

Zelda: Matt wants a “major shakeup.”. Epic, different storyline. Mix up the puzzles, much more difficult.

Metroid: Bozon “doesn’t know if we’ll see another Metroid game on Wii…” Matt says “I wish, but I dont think it will happen anytime soon…”

-NFL Blitz on Wii?- Not on Wii, probably won’t come. Blitz: The League a really, really fun game. Maybe they are waiting for the next interation? (Bozon)

-What time do you guys sleep? Matt: Around 1:30am. Bozon: About 3AM, unless really tired. Bozon: CoD4 best game since RE4.”

-Will Nintendo have ‘08 games that will be bring Wii library up to Nintendo DS standards?: “Look at old character franchises to get some ideas…”–”Some definite, big games coming.”-Matt. “Pikmin, Animal Crossing for sure in ‘08.”Bozon. Look for King Story, Fragile (”looks awesome”-Matt).

-Centipede VC game probably not coming.

-Smash Bros. controls work “well enough” for Subspace Emissionary*. Not specifically suited for it. Feels clumsy as platformer.

-Will Factor 5’s Flight game has 720p mode?-”Nothing preventing them from trying that. I’ll talk to Julian.”-Matt. Possible.

-IGN Team not in trouble for “smash spoilers.” Message board users upset about videos, pics. “Not a big deal to us.”

-When will Capcom give Wii the “Final Exam?” (sales wise)?-” BUY CAPCOM GAMES.” “Seriously.”-Matt.

-Bozon likes Six Flag’s “wii zone.”

-Matt/Bozon says that Pikmin 3(again) coming. Disaster, Mario Kart, Wii Fit, some other games.

-PROJECT HAMMER: “Dead forever.”-Bozon.

-Will Nintendo bring Mario Sports games?: Mario Baseball coming. Mario Tennis just a matter of time.

-How come western 3rd party publishers aren’t supporting VC?- “They are. Going to start seeing US titles eventually.” Bozon: “Konami upwards of 65-70 VC games waiting for Nintendo to confirm.” No idea why Nintendo dropped it from 3 to 2 VC games a week.

-Factor 5 Wii game at GDC. “No, wait a little longer. Teaser, MAYBE. Not likely. Maybe behind closed doors?”

-Will Nintendo ever use console ID, not friend codes?: 3rd Parties are doing it. EA Boom Blox, BlastWorks. For some reason, Nintendo loves Friend Codes. Probably won’t use Console ID.

-Matt doing Wii Fit video review.

-Mario Kart Wii in sleeve or case?-”What are you talking about?”-Matt. It will come in box.