Cubed got to set down with two of the Developers form DK Games and they had some positive things to say about the Wii. They also talk about there new game My Little Flufties.

C3: What about supporting the Wii for other future DK Games titles?

Guillaume: DK Games is interested in all platforms which are adapted to smaller teams. These platforms include Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and Nintendo Wii. Then, we choose the platform which corresponds best to our game concept.

Christophe: After many years working in the video game industry, I’m quite tired on working only on technical issues. The next gen console (PS3/XBOX360) is only an evolution of the technical skills of console systems. I’m interest in the Wii because I’d like to focus on a game’s heart and this to me is the best system to do that. I hope the console will meet with the success it deserves and that many publishers will get in touch with us for making games.

C3: What are your thoughts on the Wii in general? Can it survive against the power of the PS3 and XBOX 360?

Christophe: As we are Indie developers, we are hoping success for Wii and the Virtual Console system. PS3 and XBOX360 are not suitable to small teams like us. But we think that size does not matter. All our concepts are built to bring lots of fun, although the size of our games is not as big as next gen games. So I have high hopes to see lot of good games on Wii.

Guillaume: Nintendo explained from the start that the Wii doesn’t compete with PS3 and 360. I would have personally preferred hardware as powerful as Xbox 360 hardware with the Wiimote as a great bonus of new possibilities for gameplay. But I am sure that the Wii will find its audience like the Nintendo DS – near to casual gamers and new gamers who want games with intuitive gameplay.

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Source: Cubed3