Videogame developer and publisher, VD-DEV, has released an update for their latest title, IRONFALL Invasion, for the Nintendo 3DS which is now available to download via the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The update aims to address customer feedback which was offered to the developer via Twitter and Miiverse. Below, you can find the adjustments made to IRONFALL Invasion.

New features for all IRONFALL Invasion players:

  • Aim and camera sensitivity has been adjusted in the controls menu to better assist those with broader preferences.
  • Turning left and right is now easier to accomplish while sprinting.
  • U-Turn command has been enhanced to lessen the chances of unintentional U-turns.
  • Players who leave multiplayer matches in “free-for-all” mode will have scores reset.
  • “Shock-gun” range has been increased for the titles multiplayer aspect.
  • Respawn algorithm has been enhanced.

New features for IRONFALL Invasion paid DLC:

  • Players can now filter out the “Tanks” map during online “quick match” sessions to increase the variety of multiplayer arenas.
  • Gamers now have a four second invincibility effect after respawn in multiplayer matches.
  • Individuals who land second place in online multiplayer matches will now receive credits.
  • Taking cover is now available while sprinting.
  • An additional lock-on for vertical (Y) axis is now available in aim mode.

IRONFALL Invasion is a free-to-play third person shooter that takes place in an alien invasion and includes up to six individuals in online multiplayer. The videogame released as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive and launched on February 26. For more information regarding IRONFALL Invasion, feel free to check out the videogames official website.