A portion of a Gamer.blorge article.

“Miyamoto’s Famitsu interview is full of typical BS public relations crap…Miyamoto states that we need need games that are more fun and less difficult to play, such as the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy. Miyamoto forgets that it’s exactly the opposite that made Nintendo so big…It’s games like Contra, Super Mario Bros., and Mega Man that helped the NES and SNES reach their ancient but ultimate status in the gaming world…Yes, the Wii is innovative but by no means is it cutting edge, and Nintendo has forgotten that it’s needs both in order to reach legendary status…Nintendo has lost sight of its audience, leaving us to the PS3 and Xbox 360. Focusing on casual gaming may bring success but it will never produce any legendary titles, the likes of the Halo series, the Gran Turismo series, the Mega Man series, and all our favorites from past consoles.”

Hmmmm? What do you guys think?