In a recent interview with TIME, President and CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, answered a wide-variety of questions regarding current and recent developments involving Nintendo. What originally caught my eye was Iwata’s opinion on how Amiibo is not a clone of Disney Infinity and Skylanders.

“At first glance it may look like we’re a trend follower with amiibo,” said the President and CEO of Nintendo. He goes on to say, “But really what we’re doing is, we have introduced amiibo in a way that is new and where amiibo do things in our games that they can’t do anywhere else. From that perspective, we feel that we are a trendsetter.”

Iwata continues to state, “It’s true that if you go into a retail store, and you see the retail shelves, that from a retail perspective, we’re leveraging the structure that’s in place for how the toys to life category is being sold. That’s a hurdle that’s hard to overcome in terms of differentiation. But in terms of how the amiibo are used in games, we do feel that we are taking the lead in terms of broadening what toys to life can be.”

What are your opinions on Amiibo and do you feel like it is merely a clone of other franchises? If you were the President of Nintendo and got to “Call the shots”, which direction would you have taken Amiibo? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: TIME