James and Justin battle out for the 8th year in a row trying to predict what Nintendo will do (Note: It’s not going very well).

Each year Justin and myself will reach deep into our crystal balls to make predictions about Nintendo. This tradition goes back many years with many great battles. As far as you know, I am winning 8-0 (Note: James is full of lies).

Check out last year’s predictions HERE and let us know who came out on top (Note: James thinks everything he predicted came true – even if we can’t confirm it).

Without further ado let’s check out this year’s predictions.

*Wild Cards are worth two points

Justin Predictions

  1. I think we’ll see a couple more first-party Wii U games brought over to the Switch with extra content and/or DLC bundled (like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Pokken Tournament DX).
  2. Nintendo will announce their ‘Virtual Console’ plans for the Switch
  3. New types of Joy-Cons will be announced (one with a D-Pad and maybe other variations)
  4. Retro Studios’ next game finally unveiled (third time I’ve had this prediction but I’m really thinking 2018 will be the year since Tropical Freeze came out in 2014)
  5. While 2017 had a lot of third-party support for the Switch, 2018 will see even more support as third-parties try to play catch-up on the Switch’s popularity
  6. Pikmin 4 will make an appearance this year
  7. Metroid Prime 4 won’t release in 2018 but we’ll see new footage
  8. The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword will see an HD re-release on the Nintendo Switch
  9. The new mainline Pokemon game will release in 2018
  10. From Software’s Switch title(s) will be announced (Dark Souls ports most likely)

*Wild Cards

  1. GTA V will release for the Switch
  2. Metroid Prime Trilogy gets an HD Switch port to build anticipation for Metroid Prime 4

James Predictions

  1. The Nintendo Switch will surpass 25 Million units sold.
  2. Nintendo games on mobile will have a strong year.
  3. With that success we will start to see the end of the 3DS line.
  4. But that isn’t the end of Nintendo handhelds. We will see something different with Nintendo portable services. Maybe a bigger focus on Mobile.
  5. The new Metroid Prime game will be out this year.
  6. We will see major 3rd party exclusives come to the Switch.
  7. Nintendo will release a way to get more battery life out of the Switch.
  8. A New Star Fox game will be announced.
  9. We will see a huge “casual” market push by Nintendo that will help the Switch pass 25 million.
  10. Miyamoto will finally release a game – could possibly be his last one.

*Wild Cards

  1. (This goes off of #4) Nintendo will release a portable classic game device.
  2. Nintendo’s Online service will be free by the end of the year.

Feel free to leave who you think has the best predictions in the comments below (Note: James thinks he won already) and any predictions you might have.