Well, you know what time of week it is and I must say congrats to SinisterRabbit for being right on the money on their predictions. Hopefully this week will have the same results. Let’s see the predictions for this week…

Devil’s Crush


Hudson has confirmed that Devil’s Crush will be released this week.


Super Turrican



Originally released for the Super NES, this game is a classic in the minds of many. Super Turrican has been rated by the ESRB and was mentioned by Nintendo Power as a game to be released in the near future. If Nintendo Power has is to be believed then we should be seeing this game either this week, or next.


Shining Force


Predicting games from SEGA can be a very dangerous thing to do. We were “supposed” to have been downloading Vectorman months ago and it never happened. Then, Shining in the Darkness was “announced” as coming soon. Shining Force has been rated by the ESRB, so we know it’s coming. Even though SEGA has hurt me before, I’m going to go ahead and make this one of my picks.


Donkey Kong Jr. Math


The game that you all have been waiting for! Yes Donkey Jr. + Math = Super Awesome! We know we are going to get this game eventually, so please lets just get this over with as soon as possible. ESRB rated, released in other regions, and reviewed by Nintendo Power…the awesomeness that is Donkey Kong Jr. Math will be coming to the Virtual Console very soon.


Mega Man


We really should have this game by now, shouldn’t we? Rated, and released in other regions, it seems that Nintendo is teasing us with the thought of finally being able to play as the Blue Bomber on the Wii. This could be the week, that is unless we get…..




Last week I went out on a limb and predicted that we would see Metroid on the Virtual Console. That prediction was based solely on the fact that we had been hearing alot of Metroid talk coming from Nintendo at E3. My prediction was sort of right….PAL regions were given Metroid instead of us. The possibility of getting Metroid is stronger now, and I think that we will either be getting Mega Man or Metroid on the 23rd, but probably not both.

Wild Cards

Shining In The Darkness
Zombies Ate My Neighbors