DVDFeed is an Austrailian based company that tracks the release dates for all media in Oz. They claim to be always up-to-date.

Building on our core database of our 22,000 DVD & Games titles our Product Data feed is a zero-maintenance catalog solution for clients to keep their DVD & Games database always up-to-date with the latest and most in-depth product information available. Easily integrated into pre-existing systems our feed keeps your site synchornised daily with the latest title announcements, delays, rating/artwork changes and much more, providing a worry-free and cost-effective data maintenance option for quality-conscious site operators.

PALGN is a subscriber to this company and they have posted a release date for Kid Icarus on their Web site, 8/6/08. The date is less likely to stay, but the fact remains that they slapped it up on their site. They must be pretty confident in their source that the game is coming out. It appears that PALGN is a lone horse right now being the only site to announce any kind of information for this much anticipated title.