With Double Cross launching in just a few short days, the team at 13AM Games has released a brand new trailer for fans to get excited about.

The action-adventure Double Cross is set in a multiverse, with the trailer giving us a peek into the diverse inter-dimensional worlds of the game.

Discover the different play styles used in the goo world of Gootopia, the neon robot world of The Funderdome, and the apocalyptic dinosaur world of Reptarria.

13AM Games are no strangers to fast-paced platformers, responsible for the fan-favorite Runbow. In Double Cross, players will use a special slinging mechanic. You can slingshot yourself to unreachable places or grab objects and throw them. The Mega Man-like game also features brawling combat, as well as fireballs and massive dinosaur enemies. To top it off, you can customize your character’s skills as you level up along the way.

The game also features some unique aspects. You’ll be tasked with an investigation, allowing you to choose your next steps on a nonlinear path. Follow the clues to discover the culprit of an attack on your base.

Are you ready to slingshot your way through the multiverse? Double Cross launches on January 10 on the Nintendo Switch eShop.