Welcome to another episode of The Pure Nintendo Podcast! This week we begin with an update on our amiibo collections. We both have new additions to show off, and it seems like Roger is not going to be easy to beat.

Issue 62 of the Pure Nintendo Magazine is out now, and we delve into some of the articles on offer, including Roger’s first cover story. It’s an exciting time to get on board and support the magazine!

And our review coordinator, Trev, joins us in the Review Block to talk about Pac Man World RePac.

We also discuss our time with Splatoon 3, which came out just last week. We’ve had some time to play together online and give our thoughts on the game so far.

Another big game that’s stolen some time this week is TMNT: Cowabunga Collection. We joined our Pure Nintendo colleagues for some online fun, though the lag was something worth talking about, too.

We end things with a look at some other games we’ve been playing for review this week.

Our weekly podcast is where we disuss anything and everything Nintendo-related. If you’re a Koopa Kast fan, don’t worry – we’re still running this specialized podcast series as well. In fact, check out our Nintendo Direct episode from last week!

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