It is no secret that geeks and gamers love swag.  Who wouldn’t love getting some free stuff just for showing up to an event?  But not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to get free goodies at various events and conferences.  Loot Crate fills this hole with awesome geeky items on a monthly basis.  Loot Crate is not free but it is worth every penny spent on one of their boxes of awesomeness.

Loot Crate is a subscription service that sends a ‘crate’ of geeky stuff to the doorstep of thousands of ‘Looters’ each month.  Loot Crate sets a theme each month and hand picks a set of 6 to 8 products to ship out to their subscribers that fit that theme.  Past Loot Crate themes include Token, Cosmos, Doctor, Excelsior, and many more.  The theme is always announced prior to the crate’s shipping date and builds hype for the next Loot Crate.  This month’s theme is EQUIP and the only way to find out what is inside the EQUIP Loot Crate is to order one!  Many Looters publish unboxing videos online but if you wait to watch unboxings before subscribing to Loot Crate, then it will be too late to order the EQUIP Loot Crate!

Still not convinced?  Well how about a chance to take home the MEGA Crate!  To take home the MEGA Crate, you must subscribe.  What is the MEGA Crate?  It is a Loot Crate of epic proportions and is full of incredible goodies.  But Loot Crate only gives away one MEGA Crate each month to one lucky Looter.  To become a Looter head to Loot Crate and subscribe.  More information about subscriptions can be found below.

Crates are only available for a limited time and subscriptions for each month’s Loot Crate are taken up to 9pm PT on the 19th of every month.  If a subscription is ordered after that deadline, then next month’s Loot Crate will be the first Loot Crate of the subscription.  Subscriptions come in monthly, 3 month, and 6 month options.  Subscriptions auto-renew and if you choose the monthly, you can cancel anytime but if you choose a longer subscription, you will save money.  Loot Crate is available in the US and Canada but has not yet been made available internationally.

A one month subscription to Loot Crate is $19.37, 3 month is $55.11, and $6 month is $105.99 (all pricing includes shipping & handling charges).  Don’t delay because the EQUIP is shipping very soon.  Pure Nintendo and PNM looks forward to working with Loot Crate in the future.  Visit Loot Crate for more information about the service and to check out all of the awesomeness for yourself!

Use coupon code PURE at checkout for $3 off of your Loot Crate subscription!