The M3 perfect and flashcard version 3 come in very snazzy boxes. when i got them in the mail it was like christmas again! i pulled it out and loaded my things on and played!

games: first i would like to say that games on the M3 and flashcard work flawlessly! i was amazed at how multi-functional this device is. It is very easy to load gba games. the “game manager,” comes with the M3 adapter. all you do is click on the type of memory you have on your adapter, in my case a mini sd card. then choose the directory of the removable memory, and lastly the button, “write gba.”



It is very simple. Moreover the way it plays is very intuitive, most games work!today i felt like playing final fantasy, so i loaded the game in and put my sd card on the m3 adapter, pressed start on the ds menu to load gba mode and i was done. I was playing like a pro!


It was so simple! Final Fantasy IV was awsome to play, the saves were perfect, it loaded the save onto the m3 internal memory. when i shut it off and turned it on it stored it on the sd card for future uses. see the way saves work is this, the m3 “temporarily,” saves the game on its battery, then when the user shuts it off and reboots it, the save will automatically transfer to the sd card, for when the game will be played again. up to 200 gba and 200 ds games can be saved on to the sd card, really fasinateing!