I’m not going to wright a long winded Review of this game, for two reasons. First, thats my style, I don’t like writing long winded things. I know you guys probably don’t enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Second, and main reason.  Those of you interested in Madden 2008 probably already own or played Madden 2007.  So I thought it best, just to make some lists, of whats different about the game. The negative and the good. I am going to call it Good Idea, Bad Idea.

Good Idea:

  • Tightening up the controls:  Madden 2007 is the only game I found that you really had to fling your arms wildly to get any movement out of the game. 2008 has made it a lot easier to make interceptions and juke your Opponents.
  • Easier Kicking:  On madden 2007, the kicking was done with just flicking the wii-mote up, keeping it as straight as possible.  Well this was no easy task. I found myself many of time missing 20 yard field goals and extra points.  In 2008 things are different.  You now hold the  A button and swing the wii-mote to kick, which helps stops any accidental kicking.  Also the best thing,” Its not as Sensitive.”  You can find yourself kicking the ball a lot straighter now.
  • Pressure mode:  I really am not sure what this is really called, but pressure mode sounds good to me.  Pressure mode is when your in a pressure situation, 4th and 2 with a minute left in the game, and you line up at the Line:  Wow!! whats going on my screens is foggy and running kind of slow.  This is pressure mode.  It puts you in a intense environment when you are in an intense situation. Trust me this really stresses you out.  The more intense situation the more intense the environment will become.
  • Online mode: I have really been missing the online mode on all of the Cubed Maddens.  I really can’t go in to much detail I’m sorry. I have only played one online game, and I haven’t had to much time to explore what features it has. I would like to say, that I haven’t had any problems with Madden online, Yet!

Bad Idea:

  • Larger passing Icons:  For some reason I don’t understand.  EA decided to make the passing icons twice as big this year.  So big that the icons sometime get in a way of your runnings backs lane and before you know it, Bam!! Your on the ground.
  • Mick Vick in the game:  You all probably have heard that Mick Vick, of the Atlanta falcons, has pleaded guilty to dog fighting. I am not going to say much more about this, but your going to hear this first here at Niwifi.net.  I have many friends who are hardcore madden fans.  They are telling me that the first update, that Mike Vick will be taken out of the game.
  •  Graphics are just the same old graphics:  I let EA get away with last years Madden. Since it was  a launch title.  Now there is now reason for crappy graphics.  Even if the Wii is like two Game Cubes taped together. Shouldn’t it look twice as good?

Final thoughts on Madden 2008.  If you are a Madden fan this is a must buy. If you haven’t played Madden on the Wii yet, this is a good one to get or rent.  With all of this said. I give madden 2008 a 7/10