On Wednesday information was given to those who anxiously awaited the announcement of the New Nintendo 3DS. While some were able to catch the live broadcast, others heard of the highly anticipated released date through word-of-mouth. With that said, the official release date of the New Nintendo 3DS was set for Feb. 13. But, what seemed to be more astonishing was the fact the Majora’s Mask system sold out within the first hour of being on pre-order.

According to a GameStop Customer Service Representative of Online Distribution, the online retailer launched the pre-order functionality of the system as of 6 am Wednesday morning, which coincidentally, happened to be the exact time of the first Nintendo Direct for 2015. When asked about specific numbers regarding an allocated amount of bundles received from Nintendo, the customer service representative chose not to comment but mentioned the allocation of systems given to GameStop was entirely up to Nintendo.

What does this mean for the future of pre-ordering special edition consoles and what is GameStop doing to proactively communicate these particular announcements to Nintendo fans? I have reached out to GameStop Public Relations and will update this post as soon as a response is given. Were you a lucky individual who managed to pre-order a Majora’s Mask Bundle? If so, let us know what time you locked in your pre-order and what time zone you’re in, in the comment section below.