You mentioned on your site that you want to do doubles with Orlando Bloom. What about him do you like? I’ve liked him a lot in a few movies and I actually got to meet him at a Vanity Fair party a year and a half ago. That was really fun. Years ago, I thought he was really attractive, of course, that’s probably the main reason why. And then I met him and he was really sweet and polite and English.

 Have you actually played the game yet? What are your opinions?

I have. You know what’s funny, it was at a house I stayed at during Wimbledon last year. There were two kids in the household and they left it there. That was the first time I got my hands on it and played it. I guess they made tennis racquets as well. I wasn’t very good. But it’s really fun. The best part about it is that it’s active. You’re not just sitting on a chair pressing buttons. You’re actually in motion and you’re controlling your motion, which I think is the coolest thing. It gets kids to move.

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Yes, Mario Sharapova, one reason I watch tennis.