Sept. 15 is Nintendo DS Day at Safeco Field

The Seattle Mariners and Nintendo are thanking fans for helping make the Nintendo® Fan Network (NFN) at Safeco Field a success. The first 1,500 Fans who bring their Nintendo DS™ to the game on Saturday, Sept. 15, when the Mariners take on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, will be offered free access to the NFN. Additionally, Nintendo will give away 16 limited-edition Nintendo DS Lite systems featuring the Mariners logo and autographed by Mariners players. Good seats for the game, and all remaining Mariners home games, are still available.

The Nintendo Fan Network (NFN) was offered exclusively during the 2007 season at Safeco Field. NFN delivers interactive baseball-related content to subscribers using their Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite portable game systems and accessing an exclusive Wi-Fi network connection. For a fee of $5 per game (or $30 for 10 games), NFN users can access a menu of interactive options including: a live video feed of the game, scores from other MLB games in progress, player stats and team standings, trivia and word search games against other fans and the ability to communicate with other fans via Nintendo Fan Network Messaging.

On Sept. 15, up to 1,500 fans will have free access to NFN, just stop by the kiosks located on Safeco Field’s Main Concourse near Sections 143 and 186 to pick up your complimentary NFN day pass. For those who don’t already own a Nintendo DS unit, they are available for purchase at the same kiosks. The cost is $129.99 for the standard Nintendo DS Lite and $139.99 for the Mariners limited-edition, available exclusively at Safeco Field.

The Mariners special edition Nintendo DS Lite features the Mariners logo on the front cover. Sixteen of the special units will be autographed by Mariners players and given away at random to fans during the game. Winners will be able to use their Nintendo DS units immediately to access the NFN free of charge.

Nintendo’s most popular video game character, Mario, will make a special appearance at Safeco Field on the 15th to meet fans. He will be available for photos at the top of the grand staircase of the Home Plate entrance until game time.

Nintendo DS was introduced in 2004 and has revolutionized handheld game systems. As the world’s fastest-selling portable game device, it provides users with a unique game-play experience using features never before offered by any other home console or hand-held game system, including dual screens, controls that utilize both touch and voice, and wireless game play.

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